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New snappy details emerge for the first expansion threat from the outside world at Gorgon

First revealed at the Xbox Game Showcase last week, Obsidian Entertainment has revealed that The Outer Worlds will receive its first of two story DLCs in September. In the meantime, we’ve received some new details on what new content is coming to the first person shooter RPG thanks to a few recently published interviews.

In a recent Gamespot interview with Art Director Matt Hansen, a few more important details were released for Peril on Gorgon, including the increased level cap and exactly when players can jump into the new story DLC. Fans should be happy to know that you don’t have to complete The Outer Worlds before taking a quick adventure to the Gorgon Asteroid.

Avowed announced for Xbox Series X and PC by Obsidian Entertainment

What is the fast elevator pitch for Peril on Gorgon?

Carrie Patel: So Peril On Gorgon is a pulp-noir take on the Outer Worlds. It takes place at the asteroid Gorgon, the location of a now-defunct Spacers Choice facility where Adrena-Time was manufactured and developed. As a player, you will explore that location to uncover the mystery of what happened to this project and why it was canceled so suddenly – and in classic Obsidian way, while making some pretty important choices along the way that are going to have major implications for life on Halcyon.


Is this post-campaign content or mid-campaign. Could it be, is it flexible that way?

Hansen: It’s pretty mid-campaign content. Once the player has completed the Monarch critical path search, the next time they try to travel somewhere, the DLC will activate and access that DLC content all the way through the point-of-no-return save wherever you go to Tartarus. So it fits into the game fairly seamlessly. And you can also go in and out of that extension content at any time. You can start your experience on Gorgon, decide a few quests so you want to find out what’s going on elsewhere and come back to it later. And of course you have the choice to never finish it. You come halfway and say, “Okay, let’s see what eventually happens if I ignore all this.” There is also a reward for that.

So you can just leave it unfinished and that plays a part in the end of the campaign?

Hansen: Yes.

Some people who come to this have completed the campaign. If you have people who will clearly be of a very high standard and highly skilled in a particular type of construction, does that pose design challenges?

Hansen: Sure. And fortunately, it is a challenge that encourages some creative solutions and those solutions have been expressed in ways that I think players will really enjoy. So it is high level content, the game is intended to be played by players of level 25 or higher. Entrepreneurial people can certainly try at an earlier level if they wish, but it will be a major challenge. But we also wanted, as you said, to increase the chances for players who have specified themselves in a specific way.

So we’ve increased the level cap by three levels, introduced some new benefits and flaws, and also some really cool new skill unlockers that will allow you to become a master of the thing you really invested in. So if you’re really good with pistols, you can invest a lot more in them and suddenly unlock some pretty wild gameplay options.

While Peril on Gorgon has not yet been confirmed for Nintendo Switch, Eric DeMilt, production director of The Outer Worlds, did claim the Nintendo Switch version would receive all DLC made available for other platforms such as PlayStation 4 and PC.

What can you tell us about the future DLC of The Outer Worlds? Will it eventually be made available in the Switch version?

DeMilt: The Switch version of The Outer Worlds gets the DLC made for the game on other platforms.

In the meantime, check out these new screenshots for Peril on Gorgon, the first upcoming DLC ​​to come to The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds is currently out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Peril on Gorgon, the upcoming downloadable expansion for The Outer Worlds, will be available on September 9, 2020. Peril on Gorgon will be available for $ 14.99, or as part of a double pack with another unannounced DLC pack for $ 24 99

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