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New filter on Instagram will block offensive Direct Messages

A user on Instagram is facing spam messages so, Instagram brings an optional tool that allows you to automatically block private chats that contain abusive words, phrases, or emojis.

The social network Instagram has incorporated new functions to help its users combat abuse on its platform, and among them, a filter with which people can automatically block Direct Messages (DM) with harmful content stands out.

Instagram had recently introduced tools to toughen sanctions against those who harassed users through DMs, but now it has opted for measures so that people do not receive these messages, as the Facebook-owned company announced in a statement.

Among the new features is the direct message filter, a tool that can be activated by users who want it -in the settings- and that filters requests to open private chats that contain offensive words, phrases, or emojis.

The tool works automatically so that users do not see abusive messages, and it works in a similar way to the filters in the comments that the social network already applies, with which it allows each user to block certain words.

User will be able to choose from a predefined list of offensive terms created by Instagram in conjunction with anti-bullying organizations, but they will also be able to manually enter the words they consider offensive so that messages are not shown to them.


By using this tool, Instagram warns people before opening a DM containing offensive language and, if they decide to open it anyway, the filtered words are hidden, but there is still an option to show them. After this, Instagram users have the option to accept the chat request, delete it, or report it.

The filter function works directly from the user’s own device and does not share any information with the Instagram servers about the chats, to maintain privacy.

Instagram has announced that direct message filters will be launched “in the next few weeks” in several countries and that it plans to have the feature reach the rest of the regions as well.

Likewise, the platform has also incorporated new anti-harassment functions to prevent people who have been blocked by a user from contacting him again through a new account on the social network.

By using this feature, users have the ability to restrict not only their accounts but also to “preventively block” accounts that may be created in the future. The update will begin rolling out globally in the coming weeks.

In addition, as a way to filter offensive content in comments by users who have chosen it, Instagram has now expanded its ability to detect foul language, and will also block common forms of misspelled insults.