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New contender in the national sales software sector: Square, a payment processor founded by the CEO of Twitter, launches its services in Spain

The Spanish sales software sector has as of today a new contender at stake: Square, the financial tools and online and physical payment processing company of Jack Dorsey, co-founder and current CEO of Twitter, has just announced his arrival in our country with the launch of a package of digital tools aimed at independent professionals and SMEs, as reported in a note.

With these products, Square ensures that any entrepreneur can create an online store, process online payments, accept physical card payments -Previous acquisition of a Dorsey device-, manage the store’s inventory or manage appointments with customers and suppliers, among others.

“We seek to offer all the necessary tools so that companies and entrepreneurs can start, manage, grow or adapt your business as their needs evolve ”, they point out in the note.

At the moment, the product package that Square has launched in Spain is in beta and will only be accessible to companies and professionals who sign up for its early access program, whose form is available on its website. Americans point out that people who sign up will not have to sign long-term contracts and will have free access to their devices –Mainly, card readers to process physical payments from computers, mobiles and tablets- while testing the tools. The software, however, will have a cost for those selected, although figures have not been shared.

Dorsey’s company plans that all of these products are generally available in Spain throughout 2022.

Square, from mobile payments to multiple services for businesses

Square’s original business, which was founded in 2009, was focused on processing card payments at physical points of sale via mobile devices. This company developed card readers that could be connected to mobiles and tablets so that any business or professional You could charge for your products and services with this payment method without having a dataphone.

Square 4439682573Square 4439682573

Appearance of Square’s first mobile card reader.

Over time, he developed the software for this tool and, in addition to enabling and recording transactions, he began to offer his clients daily sales reports, inventory records, near-out-of-stock alerts, or personalized electronic receipts. And more recently services for the creation of online businesses or the digital transformation of physical stores.

So far, Square only operated in two countries of the European Union, Ireland and France. Americans point out that have chosen Spain as the next step in the Old Continent due to the large number of SMEs that exist in our country, 97% of the total, since small and medium-sized companies, in addition to freelancers, are its main target audience. Square also offers its services in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Norway and the United Kingdom.

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