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Netflix transforms its method of measuring audiences: this is how their tops will change after the success of ‘The Squid Game’

Netflix has released the figures for its third quarter of the year, with very positive results and exceeding expectations, especially after the disappointing previous quarter. In this quarter it has added 4.4 million new subscribers, which brings it to a total of 214 million customers and exceeds by almost one million the forecasts that had been set of 3.5 million.

Netflix has to thank the Pacific area for that rise, since 2.2 million of those 3.5 million come from there. Thus, the 1.5 million that grew in the second quarter are far exceeded and although they do not reach 4 in the first, they do better meet expectations, since for that first quarter of the year Netflix had set a target of 6 millions. For the fourth quarter, the stakes skyrocket: 8 million subscribers, a figure that Netflix clearly trusts thanks to the success of series like ‘The Squid Game’.

‘The squid game’ conditions everything

It is this enormous success that causes not only a rise in subscribers, but also the report pays special attention to it, confirming that it is their greatest success in history. ‘The Squid Game’ arrived on September 17 and has been viewed in its first four weeks by 142 million accounts, reaching number 1 in 94 countries, including the United States. Netflix confirms, of course, that the merchandising launch of the series is imminent.

This is what has made it enter the historical Top 10 of the platform, which also includes both ‘La asistenta’, the most viewed miniseries on the platform so far, and the fifth season of ‘La casa de papel’. The top looks like this:

  1. ‘The Squid Game’, 142 million views
  2. ‘The Bridgertons’, 82 million views
  3. ‘Lupine’, 76 million views
  4. ‘The Witcher’, 76 million views
  5. ‘La casa de papel’ S5, 69 million views
  6. ‘La asistenta’, 67 million views
  7. ‘Sex / Life’, 67 million views
  8. ‘Stranger Things’ S3, 67 million views
  9. ‘La casa de papel’ S4, 65 million views
  10. ‘Tiger King’, 64 million views

However, this top obeys some parameters that Netflix will soon stop applying. From now on, the platform will measure its programs according to the number of hours played instead of by number of reproductions, also based on a variable that aroused criticism from the first moment in which it was made public: a reproduction counted as such if only the first two minutes of the series had been seen or more.

According to the Netflix report, this new measurement policy is “a much better measure of the overall success of our titles, as well as the satisfaction of our members. “Also, the platform adds,” it fits in with how other services measure audiences and gives due importance to those reviewed. “In addition, Netflix communicates that they will begin to” report metrics more regular out of revenue reporting, so our clients and the industry can better perceive our success in the world of business. streaming“.

In other words, the tops would change considerably, as this comparison made by the company itself in the report shows:

Screenshot 2021 10 20 To S 12 05 56
Screenshot 2021 10 20 To S 12 05 56

The upper box is an example of how the new tops of the most seen would look: without a doubt the miniseries would be more affected by this measure, since they have fewer hours to accumulate viewings under his belt. ‘Lupine’ would be the most notable absence from the top, but other series that have a high viral and review component, such as the two seasons of ‘For 13 Reasons’, would now enter the list.

Nine series and movies to watch in streaming if you liked 'The Squid Game'

In a way, This change in policy can be reinterpreted as a side effect of the success of ‘The Squid Game’ (which still does not enter these tops because this quarter it has not reached its first month). Its viral potential and the more than possible high degree of revision of the series is the one that multiplies its number of hours more than usual in a series of a single season, and it is a peculiarity that is not reflected in a system like the old one.

We will not know if Netflix has made this decision motivated by the extraordinary push of the first season of the series or rather it comes from the constant criticism that had aroused the clear distortion of the figures that counting as a “watched program” the consumption of only two minutes In any case, It is a good idea that the measurement system, even if it is provided by the company itself, is closer to a real consumption by viewers.