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Netflix signs up to make video games and now has a difficult mission: to make sense (Podcast Clear the X # 156)

Netflix wants to make its service more than just a subscription to watch movies and series. Its new movement is to include exclusive games, without advertising and without micropayments for mobile (Android, for now). The question to ask, therefore, is:these games really add value? Isn’t it, perhaps, a somewhat timid start for what could be expected from Netflix?

We talk about the games that Netflix has included in its subscription, their quality, how they work, how they align with the company’s content strategy and their possible future.Clear the X‘. Today we are joined by John Tones (@johntones), editor at Engadget and a server, Jose García (@josedextro), also editor in Engadget. At the controls, as always, is Santi Aráujo (@santiaraujo).

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A decaffeinated start

When people began to talk that Netflix was going to get into the world of video games, several ideas were put on the table. One of them was the “Netflix of video games” how long it is being begged. Was Netflix going to launch its own cloud gaming service? Would it be an open bar for PC games or streaming?

The truth is that it has not been so. The first bars of Netflix in the world of video games have consisted of five mobile games, two of them from ‘Stranger Things’ (already known) and three other casual titles that, after having tried them, have left us with a somewhat bitter taste in our mouths. In addition to acquiring Night School Studio, his first studio related to videogames.

The challenge facing Netflix is ​​immense. On the one hand, there is getting the subscription to have more value through mobile games. On the other hand, Netflix has as rivals Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass (not to mention Game Pass), whose subscriptions include many more games and even applications.

Maybe it’s a first foray and maybe touch wait to see how far these games go. But be that as it may, the truth is that Netflix’s first movements have sown some doubts that, all things being said, invite us to think about what could have been and where the company could be heading.

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