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Netflix on mobile, free and without subscription: the platform begins to test a new subscription modality in Kenya

Netflix has begun testing in Kenya a new mode of consumption of the platform, Variety reports, which would only be available on Android mobiles. In this way, a quarter of the catalog that the service offers under its full price could be accessed.. According to Cathy Conk, Director of Product Innovation, “If you’ve never watched Netflix before (and a lot of people in Kenya haven’t), it’s a great way to test the service.”

The intention of this free modality is clear: to offer without spending, ads or subscriptions (you just have to enter the email) a small part of what Netflix gives in its payment format. A selection of films and incomplete seasons of the most popular series with the intention of piquing the curiosity of future customers.

Neither downloads nor similar promotions in other countries

Another limitation that this free modality will impose is that it will not be possible to download content to consume it offline. It will also not be possible to send programs to televisions using Chromecast or any other system. The rest of the singularities of the system, such as parental control, profiles or recommendations, will be activated.

At the moment it is unlikely that this promotion will leave Kenya. In the past we have seen other forms of implementation of the platform through specific offers and promotions in other countries, such as subscription models in India for closed time and with a discount. Outside of a country where Netflix diffusion is still low, such as Kenya, possibly the company does not need to attend these promotional maneuversAlthough some competing platforms, such as HBO Max, have launched free and limited access to part of their catalogs.