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Netflix gives more details of its bet on video games: no ads, no micropayments and included in the subscription

A few weeks ago Netflix confirmed that it was going to dive into the world of video games. Until now, the information about it was scarce, but today the company has revealed more information through his Twitter account.

And it is that mobile games have already been deployed in the Android app, but at the moment only in Poland. Polish users will now be able to access two games: ‘Stranger Things: 1984’ and ‘Stranger Things 3’. Beyond this, the interesting thing is what Netflix assures that “we can wait”.

No ads, no micropayments, and no additional cost

Desde Netflix they affirm that they are still in a “very, very early” phase and that they have “a lot of work to do these months, but this is a first step”. The company claims that users can rest easy, as the games they will have neither ads, nor micropayments nor an additional surcharge to your subscription.

Although the game catalog is scarce And it remains to be seen how the service develops, the truth is that Netflix’s proposal reminds somehow of the Apple Arcade, in the sense that the games included in the Apple service meet this premise of no ads and nothing micropayments.

From what we can see in the screenshots, Netflix has added a category dedicated to games similar to what you use for genres, originals, or trends. Is the game downloaded from the Netflix app or are the icons really shortcuts to Google Play for the user to download the game from there? Not know, Netflix has not released that information.

On Android it would be feasible for the game to be downloaded from the Netflix app, since Android allows third-party applications to be installed, but in iOS it is another matter, since the rules of the App Store are stricter in this regard. We will have to see how this foray into the world of videogames progresses and what it really ends up becoming.

Via | Netflix