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There are a lot of things you are going through for your business. Shipping your products internationally is a challenge that needs a focus because of various logistical challenges and burdens presented by shipping. However, freight forwarding agencies understand the regulation, documentations, and expenses of transportations. The shipping agencies make the exporting process more effective.


UMA Pakistan has strong networks of transporters. They provide Air Freight, Rail Freight, Sea Freight, and Road Transportation. UMA provides affordable shipping prices. Products are shipped through the best routes, as shipping agencies are experts in completing the process of shipping with cost, reliability, and speed.


UMA Pakistan is an agent between the seller and the purchaser. It allows the seller to deliver their products not only in Pakistan but all over the world with the help of its Sea and Air Freight services. UMA offers the following best services to their clients.

  • Warehousing
  • Ensuring Cargo
  • Transportation tracking
  • Shipping and documents handling
  • Affordable shipping costs
  • Combining freight

However, UMA Pakistan ships under their landing bills and air waybills. The documents are mostly delivered by the United Marine Agencies in Pakistan. Furthermore, they provide freight collection services.

Neglecting Various Shipping Risks

While shipping your products globally, there are numerous risks faced by your company that may lead your business into damage. By hiring UMA Pakistan for the shipping of your products, you will be avoiding the following risks.

Risk of Customs

If you are willing to transport products internationally, then it means that you are going to deal with various customs legislation. However, if you are not obeying these regulations, then it may lead your business to penalties and never-ending delays. Moreover, the chance of delivering products greatly will only be accomplished, if you choose the best freight forwarding agency like UMA Pakistan.

Risk of Loss

Once, you start shipping products internationally, they are at the risk of being damaged or lost during the transportation. It is because of numerous loading and unloading on various ports and terminals. However, hiring a freight forwarding agency will reduce the risk. They will handle your goods with care and will not implement any damage.

Risk of Finance

Delivering products internationally has a huge risk of financial loss. In this situation, UMA Pakistan plays a vital role in delivering your products safely to the purchaser. It also provides a cost-effective way of transportation of your goods. A freight forwarding company navigates through various risks to deliver your products safely on time. These risks are:

  • Natural Disasters
  • Wars
  • Accidents
  • Terrorisms acts