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NBA Games Today: Full TV schedule for 2020 season restart on ESPN, TNT and more channels

The race to the NBA 2020 playoffs continues on Monday, August 3 with six seeding games on the league restart schedule.

In total, 13 NBA teams have already secured playoff berths, but much remains to be decided. The seedings are far from complete and the last postseason spot in the Western Conference could amount to a play-in tournament. It will certainly be an exciting sprint to the finish.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about watching the NBA reboot, including tip times and TV channels for the national broadcasts.

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NBA games today

Here’s the full schedule for today’s NBA games. Check SN’s live scoreboard for statistics on each game.

Monday, August 3

GameTime (ET)National TV
Raptors vs. Heat1:30 PMNba tv, fuboTV
Nuggets vs. Thunder4:00 PMNba tv, fuboTV
Pacers vs. Wizards4:00 PM
Grizzlies vs. pelicans6:30 PMESPN, fuboTV
Spurs vs. 76ers8 pm
Lakers vs. Jazz9 o’clock in the eveningESPN, fuboTV

Live streaming NBA games

ESPN and TNT are available from almost all U.S. cable providers, but NBA TV is only offered by Verizon (channels 89 and 589) and Comcast (channels 734 and 478).

For those who have included ESPN and TNT in their cable or satellite subscriptions, live stream presentations of the NBA games from those networks can be found in the ESPN app and the Watch TNT app, respectively.

For those who don’t have a cable or satellite subscription, there are four main OTT TV streaming options that carry both ESPN and TNT: Sling, Hulu, YouTube TV and AT&T Now. Of the four, Hulu and YouTubeTV offer free trial options.

Below are links to each:

Of the four services, Hulu is the only one that does not have an NBA TV. Fubo TV has NBA TV, but no ESPN or TNT.

All NBA seeding games are also available to stream via NBA League Pass at a discounted price ($ 28.99) because there are so few games left in the season. However, games on the NBA League Pass are excluded in local markets.

NBA playoff bracket

This is what the first round of the NBA playoff games would be if the season ended today.

Eastern conference

(1) Bucks vs. (8) Nets

(2) Raptors vs. (7) Magic

(3) Celtics vs. (6) 76ers

(4) Heat vs. (5) Pacers

Western conference

(1) Lakers vs. (8) Grizzlies

(2) Clippers vs. (7) Mavericks

(3) Nuggets vs. (6) Thunder

(4) Rockets vs. (5) Jazz

NBA schedule 2020

(All times east)

August 4

GameTimeNational TV
Nets vs. Bucks1:30 PMNBA TV / fuboTV
Mavericks vs. Kings2.30 pm
Suns vs. Clippers4:00 PMNBA TV / fuboTV
Magic vs. Pacers6:00 PM
Celtics vs. Heat6:30 PMTNT
Rockets vs. Trail Blazers9 o’clock in the eveningTNT

August 5

GameTimeNational TV
Grizzlies vs. Jazz2.30 pm
76ers vs. Wizards4:00 PMNBA TV / fuboTV
Nuggets versus tracks4:00 PM
Thunder vs. Lakers6:30 PMESPN / fuboTV
Raptors vs. Magic8 pm
Nets vs. Celtics9 o’clock in the eveningESPN / fuboTV

August 6

GameTimeNational TV
Pelicans vs. kings1:30 PMNBA TV / fuboTV
Heat vs. Bucks4:00 PMTNT
Pacers vs. Suns4:00 PM
Clippers vs. Mavericks6:30 PMTNT
Trail Blazers vs. Nuggets8 pm
Lakers vs. Rockets9 o’clock in the eveningTNT

August 7

GameTimeNational TV
Jazz vs. tracks1 o’clock in the afternoon
Thunder vs. Grizzlies4:00 PMNBA TV / fuboTV
Kings vs. nets5:00 PM
Magic vs. 76ers6:30 PMTNT
Wizards vs. Pelicans8 pm
Celtics vs. Raptors9 o’clock in the eveningTNT

August the 8th

GameTimeNational TV
Clippers vs. Trail Blazers1 o’clock in the afternoonTNT
Jazz vs. Nuggets3.30 pmTNT
Lakers vs. Pacers6:00 PMTNT
Sunbathing versus heat7:30 PM
Bucks vs. Mavericks8:30 in the eveningESPN / fuboTV

August 9

GameTimeNational TV
Wizards vs. Thunder12:30 PM
Grizzlies vs. Raptors14 hours
Spurs vs. pelicans3 pmABC / fuboTV
Magic vs. Celtics5:00 PM
76ers vs. Trail Blazers6:30 PMNBA TV / fuboTV
Missiles vs. kings8 pm
Nets vs. Clippers9 o’clock in the eveningNBA TV / fuboTV

10 August

GameTimeNational TV
Thunder versus sunbathing2.30 pm
Mavericks vs. Jazz3 pmNBA TV / fuboTV
Raptors vs. Bucks6:30 PMESPN / fuboTV
Pacers vs. Heat8 pm
Nuggets vs. Lakers9 o’clock in the eveningTNT

August 11

GameTimeNational TV
Nets vs. magic1 o’clock in the afternoon
Missiles versus tracks14 hoursNBA TV / fuboTV
Suns vs. 76ers4:30 in the afternoon
Trail Blazers vs. Mavericks5:00 PM
Celtics vs. Grizzlies6:30 PMTNT
Pelicans vs. kings9 o’clock in the eveningTNT
Bucks vs. wizards9 o’clock in the evening

August 12

GameTimeNational TV
Pacers versus missiles4:00 PMNBA TV
Raptors vs. 76ers6:30 PMESPN / fuboTV
Heat vs. Thunder8 pm
Clippers vs. Nuggets9 o’clock in the eveningESPN / fuboTV

August 13

GameTimeNational TV
Wizards vs. CelticsTBDTBD
Trail blazers versus netsTBDTBD
Kings vs. LakersTBDTBD
Bucks vs. GrizzliesTBDTBD
Pelicans versus magicTBDTBD
Mavericks vs. SunsTBDTBD
Spurs vs. JazzTBDTBD

August 14

GameTimeNational TV
76ers vs. RocketsTBDTBD
Heat vs. PacersTBDTBD
Thunder vs. ClippersTBDTBD
Nuggets vs RaptorsTBDTBD

Tadd Haislop from Sporting News contributed to this story.

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