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More than 167,754,610 people have become covid-19 in the world

According to a balance sheet set by AFP on Wednesday from official sources, the new coronavirus pandemic has resulted in at least 3,487,457 people killed worldwide since WHO China reported the onset of the disease in December 2019.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, more than 167,754,610 people have contracted the disease. The vast majority of patients recover, but a still poorly evaluated portion retains symptoms for weeks or even months.

The figures are based on the reports reported daily by the health authorities of each country and exclude corrections made a posteriori by the different statistical bodies that conclude that the amount of pastures is much more critical.

Covid 19

WHO even estimates that considering the direct and indirect over mortality associated with covid-19, the pandemic balance could be two to three times higher than that officially recorded.

A significant part of the less severe or asymptomatic cases remains unmodified despite intensified testing in many countries.

On Tuesday, 11,663 new deaths and 546,169 contagions were recorded worldwide.

The countries that recorded the most deaths according to the latest official balance sheets are India with 4,157, Brazil (2,173) and the United States (644).

The death toll in the United States is 590,941 with 33,166,511 contagions.

After the United States, the countries with the highest fatalities are Brazil, with 452,031 dead and 16,194,209 cases, India, with 311,388 dead (27,157,795 cases), Mexico, with 221,960 dead (2,399,790 cases), and the United Kingdom, with 127,739 dead (4,467,310 cases).

Among the hardest hit countries, Hungary has the highest mortality rate, with 306 death per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by czech Republic (281), Bosnia (279), Northern Macedonia (256) and Bulgaria (252).

On Wednesday at 10H00 GMT and from the beginning of the epidemic, Europe totaled 1,126,789 deaths (52,579,556 contagions), Latin America and the Caribbean 1,015,601 (32,150,596), the United States and Canada 616,243 (34,530,266), Asia 457,739 (35,190,406), Middle East 141,069 (8,476,600), Africa 128,920 (4,779,337), and Oceania 1,096 (47,857).

A total of 452,031 people died of the virus in Brazil since March 2020, 2,173 of them in the last 24 hours, when 73,453 new contagions were recorded.

Although specialists believe that the actual figures are much higher, Brazil, with 212 million inhabitants, is the second country most ranked by the pandemic in absolute numbers, behind the United States.


In relative terms, with 215 decreases per 100,000 inhabitants, it is the hardest hit in the Americas and the Southern Hemisphere.