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Montech releases the upgraded version of its Gamma Power Supply series called the Gamma II Power Supply

Montech has released an updated version of its successful Gamma power supply series, the Gamma II power supply series. This PSU series has three different capacities, ranging from 550 watts to 750 watts. This series is available now on both Amazon and Newegg with a starting price of $ 65.99 to $ 79.99.

Montech releases an updated version of its Gamma Power Supply Series, the Gamma II Power Supply Series

These power supplies are built for gamers who need both high efficiency and exceptional reliability for your high-end gaming system. Gamers can rely on these power supplies as these PSUs have up to 90% overall efficiency and an 80 PLUS Gold rating.

Montech releases new Beta 80 Plus bronze power supplies

Source: Montech

The 80 PLUS Gold rating indicates that these power supplies offer a minimum efficiency of 92%, meaning that these power supplies generate less heat. Due to the lower heat development, the supplied 120 mm fan remains silent, even during the heaviest load. The included fan works almost silently by allowing the fan to accelerate only when the load on the power supply increases to 70%. Under a 70% load, the fan stays slower but quieter, fan speed of 750 RPM.

This high efficiency is made possible by the advanced circuits with an LLC design with synchronous rectification based on the standard DC to DC topology. The design of DC to DC circuits not only provides stable voltage output, but also a wide range of compatibility. This design provides the maximum system performance for these power supplies.

The high reliability of this PSU is driven by the high-quality components shown by the inclusion of only Japanese capacitors. These capacitors offer higher durability while still achieving incredibly tight voltages and an overall low ripple noise to improve power supply performance.

Source: Montech

A unique feature that set this power supply series apart from Montech’s other latest power supply series, Beta 80 PLUS Bronze are the completely flat cables that increase airflow and improve the thermal performance of the chassis. This PSU series is currently available on both Amazon and Newegg. The 550-watt PSU currently costs $ 65.99, while the 750-watt PSU costs $ 79.99.

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