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Montech releases new Beta 80 Plus bronze power supplies

Montech has released its new Beta Series 80 Plus Bronze power supplies, which are available in two different capacities. These consist of one 550 watt model and a 650 watt model. The series offers a modern design and 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency. The 550-watt model costs just $ 49.99 and the 650-watt model costs $ 56.99.

Montech releases new Beta PSUs with 550 watt and 650 watt models

These two power supplies use high-quality components, including the Japanese main capacitors. These Japanese capacitors offer high durability as well as high voltage and low ripple noise, enabling these power supplies to deliver fantastic performance. These Japanese main capacitors are rated for 105 ° C / 221 ° F, with high current + 12v single rail.

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The components installed by these power supplies ensure that these power supplies offer high efficiency up to 83% conversion efficiency. This high conversion allows your system to consume a huge amount of power for your installed components.

These two power supplies have a quiet 120mm fan, which not only delivers strong airflow but makes little to no noise. These fans ensure quiet operation even under full load, as both power supplies use quiet fans for systems that are designed to remain incredibly quiet and still require a robust power supply.

Source: Montech

Both power supplies have a non-modular design, which means that the power cables cannot be changed because they are connected to the internal components of the PSU.

These power supplies offer different cables with one 20 + 4 pin connector and two PCIe 6 + 2 pin connectors. For storage connections, these power supplies offer a total of six SATA connectors and two Molex four-pole connectors. The 550 watt model has only one CPU 4 + 4 pin, while the 650 watt model has two CPU 4 + 4 pin, which is perfect for high-end systems that may require an additional 4 + 4 pin connector .

The 550-watt model costs $ 49.99 and the larger 650-watt model costs a little more, but is still very competitively priced at just $ 56.99. Both power supplies are currently available on both Amazon and Newegg in the U.S. and worldwide, these power supplies are available from all Montech retailers. The power supplies come with a 3-year warranty from Montech.

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