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Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Womens Bulk Tops – Retailers Success Tips!

Tops are the staple clothing items of most women in today’s era. Women belonging to all age groups and body sizes opt-in to wear tops in their everyday routine. That is why you being a fashion retailer, need to be very careful while stocking a huge bulk of them to present your customers with an exclusive variety. But you don’t have to worry anymore! I have come up with a list of common mistakes to avoid in buying tops To enhance your customers’ flow and sales chart this season. So, go on and read more to find them out.

Not Following The Latest Trend

One of the most common mistakes that many clothing store owners make without even knowing it is buying tops that are outdated and old fashioned. I mean come on! Just like you, your customers also love to wear trendy and latest fashion clothes. For this, always try to equip your store with women’s tops that are according to the latest fashion trend. To be aware of the newest fashion trends in the industry you can follow several fashion weeks, fashion blogs and articles, and fashion publications. You can also take social media assistance to stay updated and get the right style guide to spice up your summer tops in newlook collection.

Making Unnecessary Purchase

What most fashion retailers do is that they deliberately buy huge bulks of stuff because they are worried about their stock shortage. They often do this in order to get discounts from the suppliers as well. However, buying a large number of tops without having a proper stock plan or trend prediction can land you in a situation opposite to what you might have imagined. This will only hurt your fashion clothing business’s sales in future. Why? Well, because if you could not sell all the stuff quickly, you would have to keep it for a longer time which increases the chances of your top’s collection going out of trend, contamination, and decay and at the end leading to waste. So, for next time, always plan before stocking up summer tops for women if you want to save money and make huge profits.

Buying Without Getting A Sample

Well, if you are a part of the clothing business, you should always ensure that you are buying quality tops for your store by first ordering a sample. This step is really crucial because buying without getting a sample item is a huge risk for your store. This is important because sometimes you end up getting a stock opposite of what you might have imagined. Sometimes, the colour, quality and fabric of the tops are not the same in reality as they have been shown earlier on the wholesale websites. So, to avoid getting stuck in a situation like that, you should always go for those fashion clothes suppliers who can provide you with a sample item to make sure that you will get what you might have ordered.

Buying Without A Plan

Another frequent mistake that is ignored by most fashion clothing retailers is that they sometimes do not properly plan out their purchases. This results in a stock that may be out of fashion or is not according to their customers’ demands. This is why it is really necessary to plan ahead and equip your store with tops that are in fashion as well as meets your customers’ needs. Another thing that should be aware of before buying wholesale clothes is to know what the current season is going on to cater to your customers with the right choice of clothing.

Choosing The Wrong Wholesale Stores

While planning your assemblage is so much necessary for you, choosing what wholesale to buy from should also be a part of your plan. What most clothing store owners do is that they do not do proper research on the wholesale clothing distributors and randomly opt-in for a wholesale brand. This is why they end up their selves in a loss situation. So, this means that you should always properly research what wholesale store can provide you with the fine quality products that you and your customers have been acquiring. For that, you can run a google search or you can take help from the existing fashion retailers to get in contact with the best wholesale suppliers in the market.

Focusing On Price Rather than Service

One of the typical techniques of most wholesalers to attract retailers like you is the low pricing of a product. Once you see a product with prices less than the market, you immediately light up and intend to get your hands on them without missing the chance. But what happens while you go with the flow is that you forget about the quality services while focusing on the low and cheap pricing. So, never choose cheap quality products in order to save money. Always opt-in for tops that are high quality and what your customers would love to buy from you. In other words, I would recommend you to buy wisely rather than going precisely to present your customers with premium and pretty summer tops services.

Not Knowing Your Target customers

The most crucial and important thing that you need to know before stocking p tops in bulk is to know exactly who your target audience is. This is essential if you want to sell your products like hotdogs. For example, if you are going to set up a store for teenage girls then your clothing assortment should be in accordance with this certain age group. Bright coloured, funky and fun clothing products would do best in such a situation. Similarly, if you are planning to set up your stocks for working women, then mostly formal and executive style of clothing would bring you a lot of profit. So, Always beware of your target customer to cater to them according to their demands. To know what they might like, you can follow several social media blogs and famous stylists to cater to your customers with cute summer tops this time.


So, to put it in a nutshell, you must always ignore such mistakes and focus on details to give a quick boost to your sales. You can stock up several top’s varieties such as plus size summer tops, etc to jazz up your clothing collection this season. So, hurry up! what are you waiting for? Try out your luck this summer with my guidelines! Buy the latest and trendy tops now before you miss anything!