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Microsoft opens its store to third parties: Epic and Amazon are the first to integrate with Microsoft Store

In addition to the news that Windows 11 brings, one of the changes that Microsoft is preparing is the new Microsoft Store. A complete redesign that also includes new features, including, the possibility of third-party stores to integrate. Said and done, Microsoft has announced Amazon and Epic as the first to join the Microsoft Store.

The integration of third-party stores implies that your apps and games will be available in the Microsoft Store so that they are installed directly and comfortably. In addition, perhaps what is even more important, with the confidence for the user that it is safe to do so as it is with the apps that Microsoft itself offers in the store.

The The first two stores to be part of the Microsoft Store are Amazon and Epic. Amazon, in a way, it was already known that it would be part of the Microsoft Store, since it is the one that will provide the Android apps that Windows 11 allows to install. According to Microsoft, the integration will arrive in the coming months and the apps can be found in the store like any other app.

Epic meanwhile, it should come as no surprise and his CEO has let him see these months. In the fight against Apple and Google to integrate their own payments into their games, he found an ally in Microsoft. A store open to third parties is just what Epic has long claimed, now it has it in the Microsoft Store and has not hesitated to take advantage of it.


However, Microsoft does not want to stay there and invites other stores to join. Among the benefits that this implies is that each store or app can maintain its own payment methods and Microsoft is not going to take any commission from the apps, only from the games. The games have a commission of 12% for Microsoft.

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The effort to build an app catalog

An Achilles heel for Microsoft in recent years it has been the application catalog. Something that is estimated to have also caused the end of Windows Phone and what has made Windows stores so far not succeeded either. Getting developers to bring their own store is not easy, although perhaps this new strategy of directly integrating other stores will work for Microsoft.

Windows 11 New StoreWindows 11 New Store

Yes, they have had to give enough in terms of commissions and control. As a result, the Microsoft Store already has great apps like Discord, TeamViewer, Visual Studio Code or Zoom. It has also allowed us to see progressive web applications from popular apps like Reddit, Wikipedia or TikTok.

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