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Microsoft and Intel have teamed up to limit cryptominers

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A powerful hardware-based threat detection technology is integrated into a Microsoft enterprise security product to help protect businesses from cryptojacking malware.

The move, which integrates Intel Threat Detection Technology with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, was announced Monday in a blog written by Karthik Selvaraj, chief investigative manager for Microsoft 365’s Defender Research Team.

Microsoft’s approach is a good move, ”said Dirk Schrader, global vice president for New Net Technologies, a Naples, Florida-based provider of IT security and compliance software.

He explained that since cryptominers use a small portion of the power of many devices, they are often ignored by security teams.

Cryptojacking, despite its rise, is still considered a burden by many organizations, something that is not really followed up by security teams as they have a lot of other things to keep track of and still have the systems running 24/7. he told TechNewsWorld.

Often there is no follow-up by security teams as crypto mining in the enterprise can be difficult to detect.

Slow or sluggish machines are the norm in many businesses because of bloated software and also because of the many threat detection and automated upgrades performed on them, ” explains Purandar Das, CEO and co-founder of Sotero, a data protection company in Burlington, Massachusetts. .

There are also no outward signs – other than network communications – that are visible to the end user, ”he told TechNewsWorld.

The problem with not bypassing cryptominers is that the cryptocurrency mined from these organizations is then used to fund other nefarious activities of criminal gangs or state-sponsored actors, Schrader claimed.