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Michael Strahan’s Ex-wife was arrested for allegedly harassed his Formal girlfriend

According to police and reports, Michael Strahan’s former wife was detained for allegedly harassing her former friend in Manhattan.

Jean Strahan, who was alleged to have appeared at Marianne Ayer’s home at the Upper West Side, came around 7 p.m. Friendly — despite Ayer’s protective order, cops said.


Strahan, 56, has been accused of criminality because he has allegedly breached the protective order, the NYPD said.

Yesterday, 57, Strahan has been accused, according to TMZ, of grand larceny, disorderly conduct, harassment, and forceful touch, citing court documents submitted earlier this month.
The report said yesterday that Strahan threatened her with a plastic weapon and knocked her German Shepherd.
Jean Strahan’s lawyer didn’t give a message immediately.

Jean Strahan is the second wife of the football star. They divorced in 2006 and recently resolved Michael’s claim that Jean was abusing their twin daughters, 16 years old.