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Meet Killjoy, Valorant’s new agent with controversial skills

Valorant Act 2 will drop shortly (expected August 4) and with it comes the release of a new agent called Killjoy.

Killjoy was announced in late June and her arrival has been controversial ever since. While Valorant players are excited about a new agent, some are skeptical that one of her skills may be overpowered. Killjoy has four main skills, which we’ll discuss in more detail below, but the one that draws the most attention is her artillery.

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Turrets have been in video games before, but they usually have a weakness. They were strong when introduced to Fortnite last year, but the glaring weakness was that you can easily snip while using it. The problem with Valorant’s turret is that Killjoy can access it remotely.

This means that you get all the benefits of the tower without risk.

We’ll have to wait and see if this gets overwhelmed once Killjoy actually comes into play. But the fact that this has sparked controversy before her release is not a good sign.

Killjoy skills in Valorant

Killjoy has four main skills in Valorant: AlarmBot, Turret, Nanoswarm and Lockdown. Killjoy’s character is based on tactics, according to her profile, and she says, “I love robots, but that doesn’t mean I’m one. That technology is only as good as my skill. So analyze and then improve.”

Killjoy is from Germany and her slogan is: “Relax, I’ve already thought of everything.”

Once you complete the agent contract, you will receive three sprays, two titles, one Gun Buddy and one player card.


Sometimes it is good to plant some roots. Deploy an artillery that fires at enemies within the 180 degree cone. Hold the equipment to remember the deployed tower. My dome allows me to hold an area fairly well, while the others cover the corners that I can’t.

We’ve covered this a bit since the dome is Killjoy’s most controversial ability. Despite some people’s concern, the test video for the tower doesn’t make it too overwhelming. We can already see the tower firing at the enemy with two bursts, but it took three more shots from the player for the elimination.

The turret has 125 hp and the damage is as follows:

  • 8 DMG (close by)
  • 6 DMG (20 meters)
  • 3 DMG (35 meters)


Equip a bot and use it to track down enemies that dare to get in range. When my killing robot friend reaches his goal … boom! Enemies hit are temporarily vulnerable to double damage from all sources. Hah, so much fun. Hold equip if you want to recall your deployed bot.

This is an interesting ability because the bot does no harm to the person, but you can easily do double damage if you can get it working properly. Getting someone within range will be a bit challenging, but it is a useful skill.


OK, look here. Throw the grenade. When it lands, it becomes quiet. Then activate the Nanoswarm to deploy a harmful swarm of nanobots and catch the enemy crying. I love this trick!

If you can use this ability perfectly, then it’s a nice, quick way to get an elimination.


You have to adjust your timing for the excitement but once you get this device going it will hold all the enemies caught in the beam for about 8 seconds. Yes, enemies can destroy it – except I built many more.

The perfect ability to use when planting a spike.

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