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Matt Cardona makes surprising AEW debut on ‘Dynamite’

Matt Cardona has landed on his feet in the square circle of another promotion.

The wrestler formerly known as Zack Ryder stormed the set of “AEW Dynamite” on Wednesday night, ran in and cleaned the house while Cody Rhodes got rough.

Struggling under his first name, Cardona was last seen in WWE, earning tag team, American and intercontinental belts. He was one of approximately 20 artists who were removed from the WWE roster in April, with a 90-day no-competition clause.

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Rhodes initially sounded hesitant to add his friend, but this week he teased not only Cardona, but also Rusev, another Superstar who was thrown overboard during the WWE cut.

“They have literally drawn money. They have TV experience. They have a high-profile experience. They have a dressing room experience. The benefits outweigh the disadvantages, ‘ Rhodes told ESPN in a Q&A.

“Those are two great free agents. I’m not going so far as to say that if I had to draw someone, that would be the two I would draw. But I think they are great free agents. I think if they have a passion for pro wrestling, they will continue to succeed. “

Rhodes said he was adding a “hot free agent” against pushing an existing artist aside, but he also liked the idea of ​​increasing competition.

“The best wrestlers, wherever they come from, you will want on your show,” he told ESPN.

Viewers will be reviewing Cardona next week as he and Rhodes tackle Dark Order in tag team action:

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