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Married at First Sight Summary: What’s With Henry’s Girlfriends?

Olivia had many questions after the Wednesday, July 29 episode Married at first sight. After watching the episode, she shared her comments in a summary for Us Weekly.

Here we go with the third episode about our weddings. I know viewers are watching this now, but for us it really feels like years ago.

Bennett and Amelia
I’m not 100 percent shocked that Bennett and Amelia have met before just because New Orleans is small. However, I didn’t think anyone would know their partner! Bennett’s review on the fly and sounds like a real play-write! His vows were beautiful and Amelia’s poem was super sweet.

Henry and Christina
Henry’s dad is funny and really wants him to get married! Christina looked so beautiful and very elegant! In addition, Henry bought her flowers so that they start well. Christina’s friends and family seemed to have a great first impression of Henry, and while Christina didn’t seem too excited just before walking down the aisle, it was probably just nerves. Christina’s vows were so nice and sweet and their first date seemed a bit strange, but have you seen mine and Brett’s ?! How can she not remember his name? It’s the only thing we’ve been waiting for two weeks!

Miles and Mama Landry had such a real conversation. I’m glad she spoke her true feelings and I think Miles treated it like a true gentleman. Karen did so well with Miles’s family! I have such high expectations for the two.

Henry’s girlfriends were a bit intense and I would be super nervous! I also can’t wonder if Kristin has feelings for Henry.

Olivia and Brett on Married at first sight. Kinetic content

Brett’s brother certainly let me know about his sarcasm, but overall I think the conversation went well. I was relieved to learn they approved me for Brett. Support for your friends and siblings means so much as you embark on this crazy adventure. My bridesmaids seemed a bit judgmental, but when I see how the conversation started I don’t blame them. I’m so happy to see the conversation light up!

Woody treated Amani’s two dads perfectly! It’s a loud crowd when it comes to dads who love their daughters. Woody’s groomsmen invited Amani as a plus, who was so sweet and probably made her feel accepted by the boys.

As for Bennett and Amelia, I laughed so hard at the armpit hair and Bennett caught the egg. It seems that these two fingers crossed have a long and happy marriage in store!

In next week’s preview, Bennett and Amelia said I love you on honeymoon ?! The preview for this season is tough and I can’t wait to see it all.

Married at first sight aired on TLC Lifetime Wednesday at 8:00 PM ET.

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