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Man ‘bought speed in bulk because of Covid shortage’

An alleged drug dealer told police that he was buying cannabis and amphetamine “in bulk” in case he couldn’t get it during the Covid lockdown crisis, a court was told on Saturday.

37-year-old Maciej Pomykala, who is indicting five charges, came via a police video link in Belfast Magistrates’ Court.

Pomykala, of Polish nationality with an address on Donegall Avenue in south Belfast, was charged with simple possession of amphetamine and cannabis, with Class A and B drugs with the intention of delivering and possessing criminal property on July 24.

A police officer gave evidence to the court, saying there were objections to bail over concerns that the defendant would flee jurisdiction or commit further criminal offenses for “losing a significant amount of money.”

She told the court that during a planned search of Pomykala’s house, officers uncovered approximately £ 50,000 in cash, along with 27 wraps of amphetamine, also known as speed, and cannabis.

Police also seized three cell phones sent for forensics.

Arrested and interviewed, Pomykala claimed that he had made the money while working as a painter and decorator and that he had bought the drugs “in bulk” from Nutts Corner, fearing he might not get more during the Covid-19 pandemic .

Defense attorney Adrian Harvey argued that Pomykala, with a clear report and significant delay in the course of the case, could be released on bail under conditions established to address police concerns.

District judge Mark Hamill released Pomykala on his own £ 500 bail and said he bailed because of his clear track record and ordered the alleged dealer to hand in his identity card.

Suspending the case until August 21, the judge believed he believed the investigation of the phones would “tell the story.”

Belfast Telegraph