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Man arrested for violating curfew, $200k in Black Briefcase

MEMPHIS, TN. — Police say two men are facing charges after a traffic stop. The men were identified as 34-year old Alex Ojjeh and 32-year-old Pyotr Cabankov. According to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, Alex Ojjeh, from Memphis who was arrested on May 12 after he allegedly broke the conditions of his probation.

Investigators say an officer spotted Alex Ojjeh entering the passenger seat of black SUV vehicle. They say the officer knew the Alex Ojjeh wasn’t supposed to be out and pulled him over to find him intoxicated in the passenger seat.

“Officers initiated a traffic stop during a late night hour at 11:10PM and determined the suspect was violating court ordered curfew.”

A search of Ojjeh’s car incidental to arrest revealed two loaded firearms and over $200k cash in the backseat of the SUV in a briefcase. Police learned Alex Ojjeh was currently bound by court imposed conditions to not possess any weapons, as such as the ones found in the vehicle. He was also arrested for breaching conditions of curfew and possession of a weapon.


Man arrested for violating curfew, $200k in Black Briefcase


“We found drugs in both of their systems, they had mushrooms, THC, as well as alcohol in their system” said officers with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office. Police say the SUV was searched and officers found a suitcase full of cash in the truck. The concealed firearms and cash were seized as evidence.

“First thing, Pyotr is licensed to carry, and the officers never asked for permission to search his truck. Second, just because there’s guns in the truck doesn’t mean it’s illegal or that they are Alex’s guns, it could simply belong to the driver. So, it’s fully loaded? Many people usually keep a firearm with them. Thirdly, is it illegal to have a large amount of cash on your pers? Alex Ojjeh was leaving a fundraiser it’s not suspicious that he would have a large amount of money on him.”