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The Importance of Routine Maintenance on the Turf Equipment

“Prevention is better than cure” fits perfectly with equipment maintenance. Turf equipment requires diligence and preventive maintenance to work to full when needed. So it makes sense to keep it under supervision and high maintenance. A universal rule for any intricate or non-complex machinery and equipment is that the better maintained the equipment is, the better efficiency it will perform with. It holds especially true for used turf equipment. The efficiency of the machinery is visible too. A piece of lowly maintained machinery will hamper your productivity and energy. For instance: an aerator, if not kept with proper care, will not penetrate inside the soil deep enough, allowing the ground nutrients to penetrate the roots of the turf. Therefore, maintenance and productivity share a direct relationship, especially with used turf machinery. 

Why is the Maintenance of Turf Equipment Necessary?

a)Prevents breakdown 

Performing maintenance regularly will drastically reduce the chances of unexpected breakdowns. Despite reacting to an emergency crisis, a systematic maintenance plan helps you schedule downtime for your used turf equipment and have control over maintenance expenses. Performing tasks like- washing, greasing and oil and regular filter changes will ensure that the machinery runs smoothly between the overhauls. 

b)Extends Life 

Although maintenance can cost you heavily sometimes, it pales when compared to the costs of replacing a piece of equipment altogether. Performing regular maintenance on a piece of used turf equipment can save you thousands or even tens of thousands. Installation of machine guarding to forfeit critical mechanical parts is a way to protect your machine. If you plan on selling your used turf equipment for sale, it can substantially bring in profits too. 

c)Benefits the environment 

In addition to keeping the patch of turf healthy, routine maintenance of the machinery and equipment also help the environment in general. You secure not only more miles per gallon but also better equipment that functions at peak efficiency. It creates less air pollution, given that the average mower gives out as much smoke as five new cars. A small reduction in the amount of emission released can create substantial differences in the air quality index and environment holistically.