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4 Tips To Maintain Your Body Wave Closures

Whether it is about adding length or volume to your natural hair or switching up the hair style, hair closures can do all the wonders. Body wave closures are one of the most popular hair wigs that are widely used and celebrated all over the world. These closures offer flexibility, infinite hair styles and a stress free hair care routine. Of course you need to take care of these hair closures too as they might give you dull strands or damage your real hairs.

When it comes to taking care of straight or deep wave closure wigs, all you need is a proper routine for maintenance. You need to take care of the wig as that of your natural hairs by using similar products and no harsh chemicals. In order to explain you better, here are five tips that you should consider while taking care of your hair extensions.

Keep Replacing Your Hair Closures

One thing that you should know is the fact that no matter how sincerely you take care of your body wave lace closures, you can not wear them for your whole life. You definitely need to change your closure every two to three months. Do not be particular about the duration of two or three months. If your natural hair has grown out so much and the installation of closure is visible enough, it is time to get it replaced. And not just installation, even if the style you started with has completely faded off then please know that it is time to replace your hair. Talking about the kinky straight closures, it is better to get it replaced every six to eight weeks in order to avoid tangling and matting.

Install The Closures Correctly

When it comes to installation of body wave lace closures, the maintenance starts from the very first moment of getting them installed. Poor installation will not only make you remove the installed closure but will also hamper your natural hair. Always try consulting an experienced stylist and take some professional help during installation.

Keep Your Closure Clean

Many people fail to realize that they can wash their hair with an extension on. If you haven’t washed your closure yet then please do it right now. Although you are wearing hair closures, do not forget you have a scalp underneath that needs to be taken care of. Of course washing them quite often can lead to loosening of installation so mind your head wash routines. Washing and conditioning body wave lace closures at least once in a month is definitely suggested.

Sleep On Silk Or Satin

Wrapping up your hairs, while the closure is on, with silk or satin pillowcase helps them to last longer. It not only prevents dryness but tangling too. Never tie your hair in a top knot or any type of bun because that way you will end up having tangles and matted mess. If not a pillow case then go for a satin scarf and tie it around your scarf for tangle free closures.