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Magic Leap resists: the new Magic Leap2 will arrive in 2022 and will be oriented to business users

Magic Leap seemed to have a very complicated future after the failure of his first augmented reality glasses, Magic Leap One that had an exorbitant price of 2,295 dollars and that only sold 6,000 units.

The company seemed to be looking for a buyer, but now they resurface announcing a $ 500 million investment round and showing a preview of their Magic Leap2, a new model of your AR glasses that are lighter and more stylized and that have been “built for companies”.

The Future of Magic Leap is Augmented Reality for Business

The company began its journey with a halo of mystery and the promise of offering amazing augmented reality glasses. The promises did not come true, and the enormous expectations generated ended up condemning the launch of their first product, the Magic Leap One.

The resounding failure of those glasses seemed to doom the future of the company, but now those responsible have announced a $ 500 million investment round that will allow them to have sufficient resources to have a second chance.

That second chance will also result in the Magic Leap2, of which its design has already been advanced. The glasses will be aimed at business users, they will be “more immersive and comfortable” and will have a greater field of vision and the ability to be used in brightly lit scenarios.

The focus therefore shifts and is closer to that of Microsoft’s HoloLens and Google Glass, which also shifted from end-user guidance to focus on professional and industrial users.

The popularity of that fashionable concept that is the metaverse – driven by Facebook, Microsoft or NVIDIA – also seems to be a good opportunity for Magic Leap, which will now have to better deal with the expectations of a product that wanted to change everything and did not change anything.