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MacBook Pro in sight: M1X chip aims high with a version with up to 32 graphics cores

The future MacBook Pros with the new M1X chip —If they are finally called that — are generating even more expectations than the recently introduced iPhone 13, and of course that revision of its SoC is a clear protagonist of the renewal.

Mark Gurman has now indicated that the M1X “is ready for 2021” and is expected to appear on MacBook Pros throughout the month of November. This chip will also come to Mac mini “at some point” according to this analyst. Those chips promise a remarkable leap in power.

More wood, this is war (especially in graphics)

The data revealed by Gurman confirms previous rumors and indicates that the M1X will have two different versions. Both will have 10 cores for the CPU: eight high-performance and two high-efficiency, but the difference will be in the GPU, which we will find with 16 and 32 cores.

Considering that the current M1s had an eight-core configuration (four high-performance, four high-efficiency) it seems that M1Xs will earn a lot of integers on general purpose tasks, but the improvement is even more interesting in the graphic part.

In fact, from the current M1 with 8 graphics cores (7 in the lowest-end MacBook Air) we will go to an M1X with up to 32 cores. The performance per core is not known and if here there will be clear differences between the graphics cores of the M1 and the M1X, but of course that number of graphics cores is promising.

They have been talking about the new MacBook Pros for months, and it is expected that they will appear with 14 and 16 inch screens with mini-LED screen, a redesigned chassis without Touch Bar and the return of ports such as the MagSafe, the SD card reader or the HDMI port.

Image | Martin Sanchez

Via | 9to5Mac