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MacBook Pro (2021): power, love for ports and the surprise of the notch on the screen

They were the most anticipated and desired laptops from Apple for years, and we finally have them with us: the new MacBook Pros They have the new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips that allow them to make a notable leap in the performance of their CPU and especially their GPU in graphics, but the changes are not only on the inside, but also on the outside.

In fact, the new laptops meet expectations: get rid of the touch bar, but we also have an HDMI port, an SD reader and a new MagSafe port. But if there is a fundamental difference, that is the screen, hardly without frames and that, yes, inherits the iPhone notch.

Goodbye Touch Bar, hello notch

The design stands out for the side frames, 3.5 mm (24% thinner) and also the top 3.5 mm (60% thinner). Of course on that top what stands out the most is the notch that comes inherited from the iPhone and that of course contributes a differential and clearly distinguishable aspect to these laptops.


That front-facing camera is now capable of 1080p recording and has a larger sensor that also allows it to perform better in low-light conditions. What we don’t have in that ‘notch’ is support for FaceID: this webcam is just that, a (promising) webcam.

Screenshot 2021 10 18 At 19 38 51

The changes in that design respond to what the latest rumors had raised: Apple has ditched the Touch Bar which they had bet on the majority of MacBook Pro variants in the last five years. Instead we now have a new row of function buttons that allow access to additional functions.

16.2 inch


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MacBook Pro (2021): power, love for ports and the surprise of the notch on the screen

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