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7 creative & unique ideas for macaron boxes production

macaron boxes

A creative packaging solution can effectively win the heart of customers both for a purchase made through a retail or online store. It becomes essential for a food item like the macarons. You can make the macaron boxes much engaging by opting for creative techniques during the production phase. Here are some creative ideas in this regard.

Choose a sustainable material

The very first and important factor during the production of custom macaron boxes is choosing a suitable material. There are many options available but consider the impact it will create on the customers. Plastic materials are considered unsafe for the environment. It becomes critical in the case of these food items. So, opt for a sustainable material like cardboard, bux board, or kraft paper stock. Along with their sustainable nature, they have also considered the food-grade materials that leave no contamination. Using such material having a dual nature will leave a positive impression on the customers and will also increase the brand image.

Introduce the sliding drawer unboxing

A simple box with no charm is unable to catch the attention of customers. In order to deal with it, introducing the unique unboxing styles in these food boxes is a creative idea. A number of fantasizing options are there in this regard, but the sleeve style unboxing is best than all others in the case of macarons. Delicious macarons with different colors are placed in a sliding drawer. People can easily pull this sliding tray out to have one of them. It also makes it easier for the customers to get a particular piece out without taking out all of them.

Craft a custom window cut-out

Another unique idea to implement in these bakery boxes is the use of custom window panes. Various bakers use this technique for all of their food products. However, opting for it in the case of macarons will provide various benefits. People usually eat them as a dessert after having a meal. Exposing them through such a transparent window will make people excited, and they will surely make a purchase to taste them. Additionally, the visibility of this food item is also increased, and it becomes easy to draw the attention of food lovers.

Apply finishes to raise their appeal

The use of the finishes is also a proven technique to raise the appeal of these custom boxes for macarons. They can even turn a packaging having a simple design into an elegant solution. These finishes give the outer surface a glossy look that looks quite mesmerizing in reflecting the light. Some commonly used finishes are gloss, matte, spot UV, matte UV, and varnish. Additionally, there are also some aqueous-based coatings that are quite popular among the brands for their packaging solution. These finishes will increase the appeal of the outer surface. Moreover, it will protect the printed content from getting faded because of the environmental effects.

Place the dividers between them

There are also some creative techniques to use in cardboard boxes for macarons that can provide multiple benefits to your businesses. The use of dividers is one of those techniques that keep the macrons protected and saves packaging costs as well. These dividers are made of the same packaging material and even can be replaced. Brands can place these dividers in the boxes to keep the macrons separated from each other. Creating a barrier between them will keep macarons in their original shape as they will not collide with each other during transportation. Moreover, the presentation is also increased. Confectioners can put the macrons of different flavors in a single box to save additional packaging and transportation costs.

Use bows and ribbons for decoration

Implementing some decoration techniques in this custom packaging will also inspire the customers. Brands can see a massive boom in their sales volumes only because of this factor. You can use several types of add-ons for this purpose. The use of satin stretch bows and fabric ribbons is the most effective method in this regard. It will give these boxes the shape of the gift packaging. Various people use to gift delicious food items like macarons to their loved ones. They will surely buy such innovatively packaged macarons, and this will raise the sales volumes.

Personalize the event-specific designs

Personalizing bakery boxes has now become a trend in recent times. People love to serve macarons or other such delicious items at different events. Personalize them by printing the event-specific slogans. Printing the supporting images will be a good addition to the textual content. It will create a resemblance to these events, and people will prefer to buy them for different events like birthdays, weddings, Christmas, or other social and family gatherings. You can change the design for a limited time for resemblance and then shift back to the original one.

Most of these creative techniques are already in use by some of the successful food brands selling macarons. Designing them in such an adroit manner will make the macaron boxes unique and distinctive from all the competitors. Introducing these creative ideas does not cost that much. However, make sure to opt for advanced printing and manufact