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M1 Pro and M1 Max: Apple’s new processors are beasts with up to 32 GPU cores and finally supporting 64 GB of RAM

Apple just announced the M1 Pro and M1 Max, the first Apple silicon processor designed for professional teams, the new MacBook Pros. It has three times the bandwidth of the M1, and is 70% faster than the M1, announced in November 2020. Along with it, Apple has introduced the M1 Max, which is twice the width bandwidth of the M1 Pro, and arrives with 57,000 million transistors, for 33,700 million of the M1 Pro.

As expected, these new chips are real beasts in every way, and Apple has once again pulled out their chest from them comparing with graphs that do not show well what products they are exactly against, but emphasizing that It does everything with much less consumption than its competition, both in GPUs (compact and high consumption in laptops) and in CPU.

M1 Pro, 10 CPU cores, 16 GPU cores and up to 32 GB of RAM

M1 Pro

The M1 Pro seemed like the big surprise of the keynote, but it was only the first product. It has 10 CPU cores and 16 GPU cores. The first is “double” than the M1 if we count that there are now 8 high-performance cores and two high-efficiency cores. It is in graphics where it does get double without asterisks, giving much more capacity in games and in applications that need computing power in compute With Metal, the GPU is made up of 2,048 execution units, rated at 5.2 teraflops, delivering 164 gigatexels per second and 82 gigapixels per second. The Neural Engine has again 16 cores, which promise 11 TOPS.

Gpu M1 ProGpu M1 Pro

Now it supports up to 32 GB of RAM (for 16 of the M1), and has support for two external displays, and with an encoder and decoder for the Apple ProRes format. It remains to be seen what the public is capable of doing with those 200 GB / s, which are three times the number of the M1. With similar GPU performance to dedicated PC graphics, Apple boasts that with the M1 Pro it achieves this using 70% less power.

M1 Max: the true beast of Apple against Intel and AMD

M1 MaxM1 Max

If the M1 Pro has seemed surprising, the M1 Max is what you would expect to see on real professional equipment. Finally there is support for up to 64 GB of RAM, support for four external displays, 400 GB / s of bandwidth, and unlike the M1 Pro, 32 GPU cores, which Apple has compared directly with the dedicated graphics of high consumption. on large laptops. The GPU is made up of 4,096 execution units, rated at 10.4 teraflops, delivering 327 gigatexels per second and 164 gigapixels per second.

The 10 CPU cores arrive, like those of the M1 Pro, in the same 8 + 2 configuration, with 8 high-performance cores and 2 high-efficiency cores. The manufacturing process, like that of the M1, is again 5 nanometers.

M1 Max DM1 Max D

Another of Apple’s promises with M1 Max is that it will not lower performance when MacBook Pro equipped with it, compared to what it says happens in PC laptops. It is due, again, to the efficiency of which they boast. Apple says the M1 Max will be able to outperform compact professional notebook PCs in graphics, using 40% less power. According to its graphs, about 55 watts, compared to more than 100 of the competition.