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Lytton: the record village of Heatwave overwhelmingly burnt with wildfire.

According to the local MP, a wildfire has consumed 90% of the community, which experienced Canada’s highest ever temperature.

According to Brad Vis, the fire at Lytton, British Columbia, and the surrounding essential infrastructure caused considerable damage.

The mayor of Lytton, Jan Polderman, told the BBC that he was “fortunate to escape out with my own life.”

“There won’t be much of Lytton left,” he said. “There were flames all throughout the place.”

Mr. Polderman told the BBC’s Newshour that a “wall of flames” had engulfed his village.


He had previously issued an evacuation order, claiming that the flames had overrun throughout the community in under 15 minutes.

The town registered the country’s highest-ever temperature of 49.6 degrees Celsius this week (121.3F).

In large swaths of North America, abnormally high temperatures have been reported.


In western Canada, the province of British Columbia recorded 486 deaths in five days, compared to an average of 165 in normal circumstances.

Extreme weather, according to Chief Coroner Lisa Lapointe, was to fault. Only three heat-related deaths had occurred in the western province in the previous three to five years.
Many of those who died, according to Ms. Lapointe, was living alone in poorly ventilated dwellings.

Coastal sections of Canada have seen a drop in temperatures, but inland areas have seen little relief. The weather system is now heading eastward over the Prairie provinces, with heat warnings issued by Environment Canada in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and parts of Manitoba.


In Lytton, what happened?

Residents fled the village, home of about 250 people and located approximately 260 km (162 miles) north-east of Vancouver with no property, as smoke and fire enveloped the town.

“The entire city was engulfed in fire in about 15 minutes,” said Mayor Polderman to the BBC.

“Man just picked up his animals, picked up their keys and got into their car and fled.”

The temperature in Canada and the north-west US reached highs on 29 June