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How to Layer Your Luxury Necklaces in Chic Manner

Over the last couple of years, layered necklaces have become a huge part of the fashion world. They have gained so much popularity and traction. That almost everybody wishes to own a couple of necklaces, such as the new moon necklace or an initial bar necklace, or a simple and sober tiny heart necklace.

However, not many people know how to style and layer these necklaces for their everyday wearing and therefore shy away from hoarding some of their most favorite necklaces is found online. Necklaces are the perfect accessory for the current times when everyone is only decked up for zoom meetings for their clientele and official meetings. It is a great time to start your necklace collection today. 

Here are a few tips on how you can layer necklaces in a chic manner for everyday usage:

  • Focus on the Delicate Pendant

The truth is, we all own one delicate pendant in our collection. It may have been a present for our sweet 16 or an ethereal one that’s passed down to us from our ancestral line. Layer the necklaces are laying focus on the delicate pendant. You can pair these necklaces with any other delicate chains made from the same metal finish. All you need to ensure is that there are different lengths. There should be appropriate gaps between each chain once it’s worn. This gives it a good layered look. 

  • Focus on Pearl Necklaces

Pearls are evergreen and timeless. A single strand of pearl necklaces gives the entire outfit a classic and elegant look. However, a single pearl necklace instantly makes the look a little conservative. So, many people shed that look and embrace a more casual accessory. One way to include a pearl necklace in your casual outfit is by layering it with other styles of necklaces, such as a chunky chain that makes it more casual and trendy. 

  • Focus on Mixing Metals

Many people resist mixing metals when it comes to wearing necklaces. The contrast erks them. However, more recently, mixing different types of metals and necklaces has become trendy. You can easily mix pewter with silver and shed gold for rose gold and layer it in the 2:1 ratio, either 2 of silver and one of gold or one of gold with two silvers at the bottom. Make sure that you layer these with necklaces that have a similar thickness as opposed to mismatched thickness. 

You can easily ensure that you can buy your favorite pieces of necklaces, such as tiny heart necklaces and new moon necklaces today, and let the layering game begin.