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Logi Dock or how to keep your home desk tidy and optimized for video conferencing

The laptop, an additional monitor, the keyboard, the mouse, the speakers, the headphones, the camcorder … hybrid work and continuous video conferencing that many professionals have to attend during their workday from home can end up turning the desk into a mess of cables.

With the aim that these professionals can have a more collected and orderly workspace, Logi has introduced an “all-in-one” dock station called the Logi Dock.

Professionals working from home

This dock station is specially designed for makeshift offices that many professionals have had to prepare at home are more organized. The challenge is to keep your desk space tidy to make work easier.

This dock station functions as a single connection point for all the devices on the work desk. May connect up to five USB peripherals and up to two monitors while still charging a laptop up to 100W.

One-touch video conferencing

Logi Dock also has meeting controls, which allow, with a single touch, connect to Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams video conferences. This station also includes a built-in loudspeaker, also certified for these applications, so you shouldn’t have a problem connecting to multiple work calls throughout the day.

In fact, this built-in loudspeaker is designed for these video conferencing meetings and includes a noise cancellation feature, to prevent annoying sounds such as the neighbor’s dog from entering.

High Resolution Png Logi Dock Desktop Enviro Graphite Back
High Resolution Png Logi Dock Desktop Enviro Graphite Back

It also makes it easy to transfer the sound of the video call to the company’s newly introduced headphones that are also specially designed for hybrid work.

Integrated with the calendar

Additionally, Logi Dock can integrate with Logi Tune, an application designed by the company to control and customize Logitech collaboration devices.

Some of its features include calendar integration, which means that Logi Dock can use light signals to notify you of a meeting scheduled on your agenda. It also has buttons to directly join, mute, or turn the camera on or off.

Zoom believes that we will continue with a lot of videoconferencing after the vaccines, the market does not see it so clearly

Price and availability

Logi Dock is available in two colors, white and graphite, although Logitech specified that Graphite is only for Microsoft Teams. Price is $ 399