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List of QuickBooks Error Codes

QuickBooks is a vast, professional, and highly functional accounting software, with several products, features, and versatility. It makes the hard-to-handle accounting tasks easier and is just the platform that offers great help to the user. From invoicing, tax payments, bank reconcile, reporting, payment reminder, pre-defined formats, etc. You have got access to almost everything and undoubtedly it eases your financial tasks.

But like any other accounting software, it sometimes fails to function properly. There are various errors that a user faces whilst using the software, these are error code that shows up on your screen and you have no idea what to do next? The error code (XXXX XXXX) can be shown on the screen and these errors are for various reasons. If you are unable to fix it in real-time, chances are you won’t be able to get rid of it anytime soon.

Why Error occurs? 

  1. There are not one but many reasons for you to face the error and this may create the problem of accessing the software, utilizing the benefits, and more.
  2. If you are currently running an antivirus program in your system this will restrict you from taking certain actions in the software or even creating new files
  3. In case there is any corrupted file in your network data files or company files that is restricting you to access the software
  4. If you have updated your company file from the old version of your QuickBooks but, have not logged in as an Administrator
  5. If you have not updated your QuickBooks and you are using an older version of your software
  6. When the domain of the client, as well as the server, does not match

The Long List of QuickBooks Error Code


QuickBooks Enterprise

The accounting solution is targeted at small and medium-sized businesses; therefore, many enterprises prefer to use this software. There are different versions and products in QuickBooks services. The most reliable, well-functional, feature-loaded product in QuickBooks is QuickBooks Enterprise.

Which allows every staff in the organization to use the software. When using the Enterprise version, you get many industries like distribution, construction, retail, and manufacturing will have the advantage of it.

Also, the tools can handle books of account, inventory management, payroll running, and tracking the same. It is the most flexible of all, however, you might encounter various errors in the software related to QuickBooks enterprise accessing. Namely:

  1. QuickBooks Error 6073
  2. QuickBooks Error H101
  3. QuickBooks Error H202
  4. QuickBooks Error H303
  5. QuickBooks Error H505
  6. QuickBooks Error 3371
  7. QuickBooks Error Code136
  8. QuickBooks Error 404
  9. QuickBooks Error 15271
  10. QuickBooks Error 6000

QuickBooks Payroll

The payroll features in QuickBooks provide the user the opportunity to calculate payroll taxes, send direct deposits to the client as well as create different paychecks in no time. One can trust the software for authentic results and accurate paycheck details.

This motivates the entire staff along with client’s employees to rely on the most sought-after software for salary calculations. This is one way you can handle payroll management and make the most out of the payroll tax forms like 941, 940, and W-2.

Workers’ compensation is also undertaken precisely through the software, but when an error occurs in the payroll handling, you might have to worry. It stops you from accessing payroll in your QuickBooks and therefore needs proper assistance. Errors like:

  1. QuickBooks Error 9000
  2. QuickBooks Error PS058
  3. QuickBooks Error 15271
  4. QuickBooks Error 12002
  5. QuickBooks Error C 387
  6. QuickBooks Error 12152
  7. QuickBooks Error 15212
  8. QuickBooks Error PS060
  9. QuickBooks Error 20102
  10. QuickBooks Error PS038


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QuickBooks Online

It is true, you get to handle your QuickBooks at your fingertips with the ability of the software to work on the online version too. So only a good internet connection will be able to get you handling the software anywhere, anytime whenever you want. Access your company file online, from your phone, and make the most out of your time through the online version.

It aims to accomplish your accounting, bookkeeping, and other needs, so if you are a freelancer or an independent accounting firm, you can use the online version. It is a user-friendly version, to track your expense, monitor your sales, tax calculation, and more done seamlessly. With that, it assists you to generate and monitor the reports based on your data visualization.

  1. QuickBooks Error 108
  2. QuickBooks Error 9999
  3. QuickBooks Error 15203
  4. QuickBooks Error 15243
  5. QuickBooks Error 504
  6. QuickBooks Error 105
  7. QuickBooks Error 590
  8. QuickBooks Error 1303
  9. QuickBooks Error 121
  10. QuickBooks Error 1706

QuickBooks Desktop 

This particular version requires you to handle the accounting software only when it has been installed on your computer system. This means it is available through the use of a computer only and not the online version which you can access through a mobile device or another gadget. This against comes with great advantages, features, and functions, with the ability to track invoices, income, expenses, and more. You can also track sales, and create a report, account payable, receivable as well as taxes.

This version mostly targets the entirely product-based business and no compromises on the inventory tracking needs, so you can trust this. Even the desktop version will get you to face various errors, but you can on the support to handle it with ease and accuracy. Seeking the help of the QuickBooks services desktop support team will give you good steps to eliminate it.

  1. QuickBooks Error 6000
  2. QuickBooks Error The File Exists
  3. QuickBooks Error 6123 0
  4. QuickBooks Error 1712
  5. QuickBooks Error 6175
  6. QuickBooks Error C=44
  7. QuickBooks Error 6000 301
  8. QuickBooks Error 1601
  9. QuickBooks Error C 1327
  10. QuickBooks Error C 387

In case you are unable to use the software due to the error, and even after trying different steps to overcome it. The error doesn’t seem to stop, you can contact +1267-857-9587or reach on the online site of the CPA DESK for getting solutions.


It is the best accounting software made for small and medium scale businesses. You have got access to almost everything and undoubtedly it eases your financial tasks. So do not let the error affect you from using the software, seek help from the support team and enjoy using it.