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Lilium shows in video the capacities of its particular eVTOL with up to 36 rotors

Lilium’s eVTOL is different to any other eVTOL we’ve seen to date. When we think of a modern flying taxi, a small eVTOL with four or six huge rotors comes to mind. Lilium proposes something different: 36 rotors, but much smaller and quieter than the traditional ones. Now they show us in video what advantages that brings.

We have previously seen Lilium take off her eVTOL and set it to fly. Now a new generation of the prototype has taken flight to show us how the company’s progress is going. One of the highlights is that brings real eVTOL sound. I mean, we can hear how really loud it is. And while it sounds pretty loud, it’s actually less than what other eVTOLs produce. It has to do with your rotors.

Sooner or later this type of vehicle seems to be going to flood the cities. The sound they cause is going to be a determining factor in obtaining flight permits. And it is that although a plane has much more sound, they do not simply fly over the city and at low altitude as these eVTOLs are going to do. Noise pollution is one of the key factors, as it is for the jetsons.

Small rotors vs. large rotors

The reasons why Lilium has decided to bet on small rotors there are several. While they make float efficiency lower, the company says these rotors create less drag than large rotors. This is true, in the end they take up less space and make the eVTOL more aerodynamic. This allows them to be more efficient than traditional eVTOLs on long-duration flights.


On the other hand, Lilium also ensures that with this system they can scale the size of the eVTOL easily. They currently have five seats but they say they can easily climb to 15 seats with this technology. All this without losing the ability to land on standard size heliports.

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Lilium, in any case, not the only one promising to have eVTOLs flying over cities soon. One of the companies that has advanced the most in recent years is Joby Aviation, which also recently acquired Uber’s airline subdivision. Meanwhile in Asia there are already the odd eVTOL operating, and soon in the UK as well.

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