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LG has a new material for folding screens: flexible like plastic and as hard as glass

Folding screens have hit the market in recent years, although they are not the ones we were promised. More than a resistant screen like that of a traditional glass, we are dealing with plastic screens with protectors that wrinkle with use. LG claims to have a solution to this, a “new material “that promises to offer the toughness of glass but with more flexibility than ever.

Just announced by the company, this new material is intended to be applied to plastic films They are used for flexible displays. In other words, it is not a new screen technology but a “protector” for the layers of today’s flexible screens. The idea behind this is to apply this new material to a flexible OLED panel skin. The result will be harder and more resistant folding screens than the current ones.

Another advantage that LG promises for this new material is the ability to fold the screens out as well. That is, if we look at the majority (not all) of current folding phones on the market fold inwards, with this technology in principle it would be easier to fold them also outwards without breaking.

For a few years from now and in collaboration with other manufacturers

At the moment there are not many details about it and LG does not see any short-term plans either. We won’t see it on the market until at least 2023 and it remains to be seen how exactly it is implemented. Mass production is planned for 2022 with commercialization the following year.

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Another aspect to note is that it is not known on which phones or devices we are going to see it. LG indicates that this new material is viable for both phones and tablets, computers or televisions. However, the company exited the mobile phone market. Therefore, it is more than likely that if this idea succeeds it will be in devices from other manufacturers.

LG says that this technology should also reduce the cost of manufacturing compared to traditional technologies. They also comment that they have already achieved agreements with various manufacturers and partners. We will have to wait a few years to see how this technology reaches the consumer.

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Meanwhile, who else seems to have bet and won the market for folding screens is Samsung. With several foldable phones on the market in recent years, it has established itself as the benchmark in foldable displays. They are not the only ones, everything is said, but they are the ones who have bet the most for them after the fever for folding screens of a few years ago.

Via | LG