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Lenovo Legion Play: leaked the Nintendo Switch with Android from Lenovo that never saw the light

It is not often that in the final stretch of a year a Mobile World Congress device is the protagonist, but this time the device is special. We talk about the Lenovo Legion Play, a portable console in the purest Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck style that, apparently, was going to be announced at MWC 2021 by Lenovo but that never saw the light of day.

The news has jumped because a user of the GBATemp forum has found references (photos and description of the product) when searching in Google “Lenovo Handheld”. Thus he discovered that Google indexed an image of this console hosted on the Lenovo website. It is not visible, but it does appear in the code of the Lenovo page, even in the Spanish one, as we have been able to confirm from Engadget.

The Android console that never saw the light


If we Google the term “Lenovo MWC Spain” we will see that the description of the page says “the products of Lenovo at MWC include cloud video games, edge computing, data servers, tablets and more, all with Smart technology that … “However, and beyond the tablets and laptops that appear on the web, there is no product designed to play in the cloud.

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However, a right click> “Inspect” is enough to find not only the reference to the console, but some pictures and description of it. Apparently, this device was to be called Lenovo Legion Play and the firm was going to announce it as “the first Android cloud game console.” The full description is as follows:

“Designed for AAA games, Lenovo Legion Play is Android’s first cloud game console. The console allows users to play hundreds of cloud games, stream their video game library, or play mobile games. It features a screen without 17.78 cm (7 “) FHD frames with 16: 9 aspect ratio, HDR 10, with integrated drivers, two speakers, dual vibration and a 7000 mAh battery for the best gaming experience. Our developer program is open to all game developers. Available soon in select markets. “

Screenshot 2021 10 04 112529
Screenshot 2021 10 04 112529

The Lenovo Legion Play mentioned on the Lenovo Spain website.

In the images we can see a console with a known format. The screen is quite large, about seven inches with FullHD and HDR10 resolution. At the bottom it has a USB Type-C port and a headphone jack. It also has four triggers, two joysticks, a crosshead and the usual ABXY buttons.


But beyond that, what’s interesting is that Lenovo says that has been designed to play triple AAA titles and in the cloud. That is why it is not surprising that in web renders we see the logo of NVIDIA GeForce Now, NVIDIA’s video game streaming service.

This gives us to understand that we could not only play Android games, but also to PC titles via the cloud. If so, GeForce would be one of the alternatives, while it should also be possible to access Google Stadia or the Microsoft Game Pass cloud game.


Unfortunately, the device has never seen the light of day. The motives? Completely unknown. The options? Several. The product may have been canceled or it may arrive later (MWC 2022, CES 2022 …). Only time will tell.

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