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Lena Dunham had COVID-19: My Body ‘Revolted’ and I had ‘Crushing Fatigue’

Thanks to Lena Dunham / Instagram

Lena Dunham isolated herself for a month before being diagnosed with COVID-19 in mid-March. The Girls Alum revealed that she contracted the virus in a lengthy report on Friday, July 31.

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“I reluctantly shared this because I wrote and rewrote it anxiously. I don’t want to unnecessarily add my voice to a noisy landscape on such a challenging subject, ” 34-year-old Dunham wrote via Instagram. “But given the carelessness with which so many in the United States deal with social distances, people jogging without masks and parties on Instagram, I feel compelled to be honest about the impact this disease has had on me, hoping that personal stories will help us to see humanity in what can feel like abstract situations. The fact is that the Coronavirus kills people. ‘

Dunham said she “started with aching joints,” but didn’t initially “panic” because she is used to chronic pain. However, she soon faced “crushing fatigue” and “a fever of 102”.

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“Suddenly my body just rebelled,” she explained. “The nerves in my feet were burning and muscles didn’t seem to be doing their job. My hands were numb. I couldn’t tolerate loud noises. I couldn’t sleep, but I couldn’t wake up. I lost my taste and smell. A hacking cough, like a metronome that keeps track of time. Inability to breathe after simple tasks such as getting a glass of water. Random red rash. A throbbing headache between my eyes. It felt like I was a complex machine that had been unplugged and then led my wires to the wrong inputs. ‘

The writer further noted that the symptoms persisted for 21 days and that she was “lucky enough to have a doctor who could offer her” her regular guidance to take care of herself. She was also never hospitalized, but the symptoms persisted.

“My arthritis flared up and required an immune modulating drug that is hard on my body,” she continued. “And there are weirder symptoms that I will keep to myself. To be clear, I did NOT have these specific problems before I got sick with this virus and doctors don’t know enough about COVID-19 to tell me why my body reacted exactly this way or what my recovery will look like. … The serious long-term health consequences of a COVID-19 infection is something doctors are learning more about every hour. We’ve never been faster in medicine – we never have to – and experts do an incredible job of containment and prevention. But we don’t yet understand the long-term effects of this disease on people’s bodies and minds. ‘

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Dunham received a lot of support after her post. Thank you for sharing Lena Demi Moore wrote in the comments next to heart emojis.

Diane Kruger added: “Thanks for sharing Lena, I’m just so glad you recovered. Please folks, the VERY LEAST we can do is #wearadamnmask to help protect each other!”

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