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Latest Travel Exemption Leaving Australia for Australians

In light of the Covid pandemic and the strict control exercised by the Australian government in order to keep Australians and permanent residence safe during these trying times has saved many families from falling for this pandemic. 

However, in light of The new changes and the dipping of the coronavirus in certain areas of the world, Outbound travelling from Australia is now made available for Australians. 

Here are the conditions where you can secure an outbound travel exemption for leaving Australia: 

  • This is valid for one outward movement alone unless it has a stipulated multiple-use exemption specified in the paperwork.
  • Any travel exemptions launched prior to 9 February 2021 are no longer valid in this period. However, it will remain valid as long as the reason for travel remains the same. 
  • Trace exemptions for leaving Australia launched on 9 February 2021 onwards have a three-month validity from the date of its approval. It also remains valid for one outward travel during this specific period. However, if the traveller has not completed travel within the validity period, They may be required to apply once again to get an Australia exemption to travel visa.

People intending to leave Australia with a travel ban exemption in Australia and applying for Australia exemption to travel through the Australia New Zealand travel situation: 

Australians intending to travel of the word using the New Zealand Australia travel bubble should be aware of these changes: 

  • The new amendment in the entry requirements – The new amended entry requirements according to Health advice of the director of human biotechnology stipulates that an individual must declare if they have travelled to another country outside of the sea of travel zone. And they need to prove the purpose of the travel aligns with preventing COVID- 19 from being introduced into the Australian territory. This reinforces the public health advice that Australian citizens and PR should follow. As per the current development, the Australian citizens and peers travelling to New Zealand safe travel zone should travel specifically to New Zealand and not use it as a route to head out of the continent, unless, of course, travelling for compassionate reasons wherein one is required to provide urgent medical treatment that is not available in Australia or New Zealand.

  • Compassionate reasons – Travel exemption leaving Australia will be granted to those seeking exemption due to compassionate reasons such as deaths or serious illness of a close family member of the individual in another part of the world. Or if a close family member of the spouse or any de-facto partner of the individual. 

These are the new amendments to the travel exemption for leaving Australia. Feel free to visit the website for more information.