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‘Last Chance U’ Season 5 release date, location and more to know about the show’s last football season

Netflix’s documentary series “Last Chance U” is coming to an end – sort of.

The hit television show returns for season 5 and continues from coach Jason Brown. This follows a trend we’ve seen on the show after moving from East Mississippi Community College after two seasons. We then got Coach Brown at Independence Community College in Kansas for two seasons. The fifth and final seasons will focus on Laney College, located in Oakland, California.

“We are thrilled to be able to dive into the world of Laney College for our fifth season and have had the opportunity to document the incredible grit and drive of these JUCO players in Oakland,” said director Greg Whiteley.

While this is the last season of ‘Last Chance U’ as we know it, Netflix has approved a spin-off show entitled ‘Last Chance U: Basketball’. As you might guess, that will target JUCO basketball players, but not until 2021.

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Last Chance U Season 5 release date

The fifth season of “Last Chance U” is broadcast Tuesday, July 28. All episodes are released simultaneously and will premiere at 3 p.m. ET or midnight PT. Previous seasons of “Last Chance U” have lasted eight episodes, so we can safely assume we get the same amount for Season 5.

Netflix’s description for the new season reads, “The award-winning docuseries go to Laney College in Oakland, California, where coach John Beam and his players are known for their excellence on and off the pitch.”

Why is Last Chance U at Laney College?

The season before Netflix arrived, Laney turned 11-2 and was the 2018 California Community College Athletic Association Football champion. The team is headed by Hall of Fame coach John Beam, who entered his 40th coaching year at the time of filming. He was also voted CCCAA Football Coach of the Year the year before filming.

From the East Bay Times:

In total, Beam has coached over 100 players who went on to play Division I football, and more than 20 who eventually played in the NFL, including former Broncos and Raiders who left CJ Anderson behind and tackle ex-Steelers Pro Bowl, Marvel Smith. … He is especially proud that over 90 percent of Laney’s players graduate or transfer to Division I schools.

After covering some controversial coaches in the first two seasons, a change of pace in season 5 should give Beam fans a dramatic new take on college football.

Why does Last Chance U end?

In a statement, Whiteley said, “With this series, we always wanted to give viewers a raw behind-the-scenes look at junior college athletics and we’re excited to extend the LCU legacy on the pitch with JUCO basketball.”

When I read the quote, it feels like Whiteley has discussed what he wanted in college football and wanted to give viewers a peek into another college sport.

Whiteley also directed the Netflix series “Cheer”, which took a peek at college cheerleading. The first season of “Last Chance U: Basketball” will include the East Los Angeles Community College basketball team.

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