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La Casa de las Carcasas has been bought for more than 100 million euros: a new era for lucrative mobile phone case stores

Founded in 2012 and with more than 1,000 employees, Casa de las Carcasas has continued to expand throughout Spain in the midst of a pandemic, reaching almost 260 of its own stores. The business of Extremadura origin will now face a new stage after being sold to the ProA Capital investment fund for more than 100 million euros, according to El Economista.

Ismael Villalobos, founder of the company, will remain linked to the company for the moment but with a minority stake. The objective of the sale to the investment fund, which also has investments in groups such as Grupo VIPS, Palacios or Pasta Gallo, is to help the brand internationalization.

The business of mobile cases wants to expand in Europe and Latin America

After opening its first store in 2013 in the Xanadú shopping center, in Madrid, the mobile phone case store has grown progressively despite the rise of online commerce. In 2019 they achieved an annual turnover of over 45 million euros and more than 150 stores (not franchises).

Two years later and despite the difficulties of physical businesses due to the restrictions of the pandemic, La Casa de las Carcasas has surpassed the figure of 250 stores and with a turnover above 53 million euros, as explained by El País.

La Casa De Las Carcasas ShopsLa Casa De Las Carcasas Shops

I no longer buy five euro covers: now I make them myself

The House of Carcasses made the leap in 2019 to other countries outside of Spain. The first step was Portugal, with a first store in Porto and up to 21 stores throughout the country. Later it has expanded by Italy, where it already has 31 stores. In this new stage, the company’s intention is to expand to other countries in Europe and Latin America, as described by El Economista.

The company originated in Jaraiz de la Vera has multiple collaborations with manufacturers such as Xiaomi and brands such as Disney or Mr. Wonderful. It also allows you to design housings to suit the user.

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