Kyrgyzstan court orders ex-president to 11 years’ imprisonment

Kyrgyzstan court orders ex-president to 11 years' imprisonment

MOSCOW (AP) – A court in Kyrgyzstan on Tuesday convicted the country’s former president for corruption and sentenced him to 11 years and two months’ imprisonment.

Almazbek Atambayev, who served from 2011 to 2017, was stripped of the immunity from prosecution he enjoyed as a former president and arrested last year on a range of charges, including corruption and expropriation of property.

His arrest sparked two days of riots in which one police officer was killed and more than 100 people injured, raising fears of instability in the strategically placed Central Asian country bordering China and harboring a Russian military airbase.

Atambayev, 63, said the charges against him were politically motivated.

On Tuesday, the former Kyrgyz president was found guilty of facilitating corruption. In addition to a prison sentence, the court confiscated Atambayev’s property – several plots, five cars, four companies that belonged to him and shares in several Kyrgyz banks.

Atambayev’s lawyer, Sergei Slesarev, said he and his client are appealing the ruling.

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