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Kenan Thompson would reboot ‘Kenan & Kel’ but ‘with a twist’

With over 28 years of television and film credits to his name and as the longest serving Saturday Night Live cast member, Kenan Thompson‘s career is one that any actor would wish for.

From his early days as Nickelodeon star in the hit show All of that to receive his show Kenan & Kel with Kel Mitchell, Thompson has proven time and again that he can excel in any capacity and give his audience a good laugh.

being over hosting of the 74th Primetime Emmy AwardsMashable chatted with the 44-year-old actor about his career on SNLa possible Kenan & Kel reboot, and what fans can expect from the Good burger sequel, which Thompson announced at his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in August.

Kenan Thompson talks Saturday Night Live‘s Season 48

Credit: Nina Prommer/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

With more than 1,500 sketches, The mighty ducks star has made countless entertaining skits for Saturday Night Live, but told us his favorite thing is when the routines perform well on the late night variety shows. “It’s hard to pick favorites,” Thompson said. “My favorite thing is that on the show it’s going and going well because there’s a chance things could derail. I love the ‘Scared Straight’ sketch, ‘Black Jeopardy’ and the ‘Family Feud’ sketch. It’s a blessing to name more Than one.”

He also shared his favorite celebrity guest stars he worked with:[Dave] chappelle and [Tom] Hanks were my two favorites. I’m sure I’ve had others, but I idolize those guys… Those were great experiences.”

He went on to talk about the sketch show’s final departures as Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Kyle Mooney and Pete Davidson all said goodbye after the May season finale. “I think it’s shifting — everyone starts to get into gear when we have such dramatic cast changes,” he said.


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“At that point, we’re aggressively looking for talent, hoping to get them in early to show them the tricks of the trade,” Thompson said. “It feels like everyone’s going back to work a few weeks early because of the huge shift that’s taking place. At the same time, I see it as a machine. You feed it on Wednesday and it feeds you back on Saturday. If all goes well, it’s all praise from family and friends who tell you about the show on Monday. Conversely, it sucks if it doesn’t go as planned, but no one is going to touch you about missing the mark.”

While Thompson declined to reveal which surprise guests might be appearing next season, he did say: “[Saturday Night Live is] notorious for calling on Friday nights and flying people in from the west coast on Saturdays” when a brilliant idea arises.

Kenan Thompson could reunite with Kel Mitchell on Saturday Night Live

For years, fans have been wishing for a reunion between the actor and his partner-in-crime, Kel Mitchell. When asked about a reunion with his Good burger co-star on the SNL stage, Thompson said, “I just have to write.”

“We have to write it; it has to be funny and not forced,” he continued. “I would love it. I love performing with my brother. He’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. [Kel] is talented and fair. They are good people to be around. I would be for it. We should get it in the zeitgeist to make it logical. The more things we do in real life, the more likely we are to satirize it.”

Kenan Thompson promises The good burger reboot will be “fresh”

Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell and Shaquille O'Neal in "Good burger."

Credit: Paramount/Kobal/Shutterstock

Good burger debuted on July 25, 1997 and grew a cult following over the years, featuring the iconic phrase “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?”

The film followed Thompson and Mitchell and was based on a comedy sketch the duo performed in their sketch comedy series All of that. In August, while receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Emmy winner announced that a sequel to the film is in the works.

The Emmy Awards host says the film will still feel “fresh, young and energetic” like the original to the newer generation.

“We’re trying to pick up where we left off, but point out a few things that have gone up and down in the years since we’ve seen these characters,” he explained. “I think the energy and performance we give in the sequel will matter… It’s been 30 years. But we’re still young, so the film will feel young, fresh and energetic. That’s what counts the most. story will have some kind of villain, but I want to see Kel doing things physically and making funny faces for me and doing what I’m doing right.”

Thompson wants to contact the original cast, including Musha alum Shar Jackson, Sinbad, All of that’s Josh Server, freaks and geeks alum Linda Cardellini, and many more, to participate. Sadly, some of the actors from the first film have passed away, including Abe Vigoda, who played the older employee, and Ron Lester, who played the cook.

Kenan Thompson would “love” to reboot Kenan & Kel

Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell wear school jerseys with their arms around each other in

Credit: Moviestore/Shutterstock

Many shows from the 90’s have recently rebooted, including: Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Saved by the Bell, Full House, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Could Kenan & Kel be the next?

“I’d love to do it, but with a twist,” Thompson said of a possible reboot.

“We’re in the era of reboots, which is excellent. It’s nice to see them,” he mused. “There is a Martin reboot, a fair prince reboot, and even the cast of friends reunited. we should do it Kenan & Kel on ice and take it to different cities. That would be very nice. There is nothing more exciting than seeing things live and in person. That would be really cool to do.”

The 74th Emmy Awards will air live on Sunday, September 12, Coast to Coast (8pm ET/5pm PT) on NBC, and will also stream live and on-demand on Peacock.

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