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Kemp and Bottoms face a bitter Georgia mask feud

“Mayor Bottoms’ mask mandate cannot be upheld, but her decision to shut down companies and undermine economic growth is damning,” Kemp told reporters in Atlanta, comparing his government’s legal action with “sending the National Guard “.

“I refuse to sit back and see how disastrous policies threaten the lives and livelihoods of our citizens,” he said. “We will fight to stop reckless actions and get people across pandemic politics.”

Meanwhile on CNN, Bottoms turned down Kemp’s burgeoning attack as ‘propaganda’ and ‘utterly inaccurate’ called the escalating conflict over facial coverages ‘very bizarre, frankly’.

In addition, Bottoms accused the governor’s lawsuit of being politically motivated, noting that she did not “think it was a coincidence” that Kemp sued Atlanta the day after President Donald Trump paid a visit to Atlanta. Trump has long been reluctant to promote the wearing of masks and cover his face in public.

Bottoms also claimed the lawsuit was an act of “personal retribution.” She noted that other cities in Georgia had issued similar mask orders and said the governor personally charged us. He did not sue the city of Atlanta. He personally brought charges against me and our city council. ‘

The high-profile clash between two of Georgia’s top leaders came after Kemp issued a statewide order banning local mask mandates on Wednesday. But Bottoms said her city’s order that required facial coverings would continue to apply, provoking Kemp File his lawsuit in court Thursday.

The feud has helped further bolster Bottoms’ national profile, which this month revealed she was tested positive for Covid-19 and gained more public exposure for reports she is being rated for the role of running mate for presumptive Democratic presidents nominee Joe Biden.

As for Kemp, the rift with Bottoms has dug previous criticism of his management of the Georgian coronavirus outbreak.

The governor lifted his home message in late April after memorable to admit earlier in the month he had just learned that asymptomatic infected people could spread the disease, state officials were caught misrepresenting things Covid-19 reporting data in May.

Kemp’s annulment of mandates from city and county masks, at a time when even the Trump administration is encouraging respect for local coronavirus guidelines, has sparked reprimand from the mayors of the state.

The Governor of Georgia’s approach is also different from that of his Republican counterparts in Southern states, including Alabama, Arkansas, and Texas, who issued state mandates from the past few days throughout the state.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler, who was prevented of the enforcement of a mask command by Texas Governor Greg Abbott in April expressed his condolences to his mayor in Atlanta on Friday.