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Justin Theroux teaches his dog Kuma how to eat watermelon: ‘Success’

Best friends! Justin Theroux taught his beloved dog, Kuma, a very important lesson on Monday, July 27, and we bet it’s one the adorable dog won’t soon forget.

Justin Theroux and Kuma Broadimage / Shutterstock; Commitment: Courtesy of Justin Theroux / Instagram

The Leftovers alum, 48, took to his Instagram stories to share a series of clips of himself showing Kuma, a pit bull mix, how to eat watermelon properly. In the first clip, Theroux held the fruit in front of his dog’s face before finally laying it on the floor. Confused, Kuma started to lick the piece of watermelon, but didn’t seem so interested.

Then the Wanderlust Star, who had his own slice of watermelon, took a bite of his slice, and the hurricane that saved Harvey seemed to catch on, nibbling at her portion of fruit.

As his companion chewed away and ripped pieces of watermelon flesh off the skin, Theroux wrote, “You got this!”

Justin Theroux teaches his dog Kuma how to eat watermelon
Kuma Thanks to Justin Theroux / Instagram

At one point, Theroux even had to place a bowl under the dog’s mouth to catch her drooling. Still, he considered the activity a “victory” and a “success.” These “watermelon class” like the Girl on the train star called it, took place outside in a heat of 93 degrees.

Once the lesson was completed, the Parks and recreation alum posted a photo of his star student next to two finished slices of watermelon and declared she was a “good girl.”

Since the start of coronavirus quarantine in March, Theroux and Kuma, who adopted the actor in June 2018, have enjoyed several extensive meals together. In April, the duo shared a candlelight pasta dinner by the fire, and the following month they chewed together a quesadilla, guacamole, and rice as part of an extensive Cinco de Mayo spread.

Since Kuma came into his life, Theroux divorced Jennifer Aniston in 2018, was very close to his sweet pet. In fact, she was even on hand when the Maniac star celebrated the opening of his New York City bar, Ray’s, in July 2019. According to Us weeklyTheroux liked to take a selfie with at least one patron while watching the dog on the leash inside.

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