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Julie Walters with parents who demand green attention for economic recovery plans

Julie Walters is part of a group of more than 100 high-profile parents who advocate a green economic recovery following the coronavirus pandemic.

The Harry Potter actress, 70, along with author Michael Morpurgo and presenter Lorraine Kelly signed an open letter to the Prime Minister demanding a low-carbon recovery of the economy.

It urges Boris Johnson not to “get out of one catastrophe by charging the next catastrophe” in response to Covid-19, noting the impact such movements will have on younger generations.

The letter, coordinated by parent groups Mothers Rise Up and Parents For Future UK, also warns of a “trade-off between job creation now and building a fairer, safer world for all of our children.”

Walters said, “The pandemic has caused concern and grief to millions of families in the UK and beyond.

“We all want governments to make every effort to stop the spread of the virus and get people back on their feet.

“For the sake of our children, we also need governments that put the same energy and investment into preventing an even bigger climate catastrophe around the world.”

Other signers include actress and model Lily Cole, technology entrepreneur Martha Lane-Fox and singer Paloma Faith.

The letter will be published outside of Downing Street on Sunday ahead of a parent protest, creating a fake wind farm.

Spokeswoman Maya Mailer said, “We must seize the moment to rebuild a society and economy that is fairer, greener and healthier – the future of our children and grandchildren depends on it.

“Nothing is more important and we urge the Prime Minister not to waste this moment.”