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Juliana Giraldo case: soldier who shot her will have house in jail while being investigated

The Prosecutor’s Office and the victims’ attorney appealed the decision made by a judge and Miranda, Cauca. The trans woman was shot several by an Army member at the end of September 2020.

The Attorney General’s Office charged Cristian Saavedra Arias, the soldier who is appointed responsible for the death of Juliana Giraldo, the woman who was shot on September 24, 2020. She moved in an old white Mazda with her husband and two more people this September 24 at 8:30 a.m. In Miranda, Cauca. “Look, we don’t carry anything, they killed Juliana, that man shot her in the head, look, look! Help me, please!” was the desperate cry of your partner, who recorded the facts on video and moved the whole country.

In addition, the case came amid a crisis of trust with the public force, as Javier Ordóñez was killed weeks ago in Bogota while in police custody, for which one uniform has already accepted charges and another that is still being prosecuted. Returning to the Giraldo case, the Prosecutor’s Office charged him with the crime of aggravated murder in a protected person and applied for pre-trial detention in prison. Miranda’s second judge decided that the uniformed man is in custody at his place of residence. The decision was appealed by the Prosecutor’s Office and the victim’s representatives.

The investigations advanced by the Prosecutor’s Office, which were carried out by a prosecutor specializing in gender issues, point out that the military acted in motu proprio, without an express order from his superiors and unakscious of the addresses established by the institution. In September 2020, when this happened, the Trans Community Network noted that Giraldo is the 28th trans woman dying in violent circumstances.

“Trans people die twice; first, when they kill us, when they stab us, when they put their foot on us the negligent state. Second, when the Prosecutor’s Office records deaths without legitimizing our gender-building,” the same organization said on its Twitter account, hours before the Prosecution Service announced who was in charge of the case: an expert on LGBTI issues.

Juliana Giraldo, who was not a public person, knows little. She was a stylist, she lived with her partner two years ago, and between them, they raised chickens for sale. Francisco Larrañiaga told the media, they didn’t have much. They endured the stigma because of their status as a trans woman, but they lived happily. “Why do they kill me, the person who gives me happiness?” said Larrañiaga.


In the statement issued by the Cauca Specific Command, Cauca noted that she “regretted” informing the public that “a woman was killed by a shot by a member of the Force” when the troops “advanced area military control work”. However, she did not give details of what those work involved.