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John Lewis is planning to build ten thousand rentals

In the following years, John Lewis announced his plans to move to the residential property market with the construction of 10,000 properties for rent.

The store chain said it was interested in addressing the national housing scarcity and in supporting local communities.

It stated that the plans would provide the company with stable long-term revenues as well as new jobs.

Locates can either rent fully equipped with or using their own John Lewis products.

Nina Bhatia, executive director of strategy and trade development for the John Lewis Partnership, said: “We are committed to a corporation that has a social objective.

She said that the move “plays our strength as a trusted and serviceable brand.”
Of the 10,000 homes that were originally installed in its existing portfolio, 7,000 would be located at their studio apartments to their homes.

However, there were also some houses on completely new sites that could be built.

It also added that all accommodation developments would include a concierge service and a convenience store near the entrance.

The Sunday Times reported the story first and said that some homes could be built in department store car parks, supermarkets over Waitrose, and neighborhoods.

The first homes of John Lewis are planned for southeastern England, but the partnership believes that chances are available all over the country.

This was replaced by growing pressure from the fall in UK High Street and the rise of an increasingly competitive online market in John Lewis’ traditional department store retail company.

The Chain has shut down some one-third of its stores since Dame Sharon White took office in February 2020 and left 35.