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Jesy Nelson says the Sweet Melody video was a breaking point

Jesy Nelson left Little Mix in December 2020

Former Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson has revealed that she decided to leave the charts during the video shoot for their hit Sweet Melody.

The 29-year-old singer retired from the X Factor-formed group in December after nine years, saying the high-profile role had “taken its toll” on her mental health.

Her former bandmasters, Jade Thirl Wall, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Perrie Edwards, expressed support and later announced that they would continue to record and perform as a trio.

In an interview and cover shoot with Cosmopolitan magazine, Nelson recalled how, after spending time with family, she put “tremendous” pressure on herself to lose weight before the shoot.

She had a panic attack on set because she didn’t like the way she looked, which prompted her to make the decision to leave the group.

Sweet Melody later became Little Mix’s fifth number one single and the last song featuring Nelson as part of the group.

She said, “The last video we made was the breaking point. We were stuck and (that was) the first time I could take a break and be at home with people I love.” It was the happiest thing that I had ever felt it, and I didn’t realize it until I went back to work.

I immediately became a different person. I was afraid. Every time we had a video clip, I put a lot of pressure. on myself to try to lose weight.

“I’m afraid to look back at the camera. If I don’t like what I see, I find it so hard to be in front of the camera and feel great and perform.

” I was in the lockdown , and I had gained a little bit of weight, but I didn’t care. And (then) they said, ‘You have a video clip in a few weeks,’ and I went on this extreme diet, with b ***** shakes, trying to eat as little as possible.

“On the day of the Sweet Melody video I had a panic attack on set because I didn’t look what I wanted to look like and I found it so hard to just be happy and enjoy. I watched the other three and they were have the time of their lives.

”I get so jealous because I want to feel that way and enjoy it because music is my passion. To have this dream and not enjoy it because of the way I look, I knew it was not normal.

”Nelson said there was one in the Sweet Melody video where she appears because she was“ sobbing ”in the locker room. “For me that was the highlight,” she added.

“I was like, ‘I have to take care of myself now, because this is not healthy.’ “It wasn’t nice for the other three to be around someone who didn’t want to be there.

So I took a break.” Little Mix was formed on The X Factor in 2011.They left Simon Cowell’s Syco Music for the RCA label in November 2018.