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Jessica Alba Films ‘Cringiest Video in the Whole World’ With Daughter

Mother-daughter bonding time. While some families play board games or cook together, Jessica Alba and her 12-year-old daughter, Honor, stay close by filming ASMR videos together.

The duo appeared side by side (and Alba’s buddy Lizzy Mathis) in a video for the 39-year-old Fantastic four YouTube channel from star earlier this month. In the clip, which lasts more than six minutes, the trio digs into some colorful açaí bowls while performing ASMR. The trend, which stands for autonomic sensory meridian response, involves a tingling sensation in the body that typically arises from whispering.

Alba started the clip with the introduction of her ‘very special guest’ – Honor – whose father is the actress’s husband, Cash Warren. (The LA’s best star and Warren, 41, also have two younger children – daughter Haven, 8, and son Hayes, 2.)

The proud mom then named Honor by her nickname, “Honor-cita-mama-mita,” even though she admitted the preteen doesn’t like the name. “But it’s okay, because I pushed her out of my body,” Alba quipped.

Once the introductions were completed, the Sin City star and her guests started eating their açaí bowls, which were topped with ASMR-friendly crispy granola and sliced ​​fruit and made with Alba’s own recipe. According to the Good luck Chuck star, she tasted her first bowl (along with Honor) on a family trip to Brazil.

“I didn’t like them until the last day,” Honor recalled. When asked to rate her mother’s creation in relation to the version she tasted in Brazil, Alba’s oldest gave the dish a four out of ten.

“That’s not nice, honor!” the native of California replied.

Honor clarified that Alba’s version was ‘really good’, but not as good as the version she enjoyed in Brazil.

After taking a few more bites from her meal, Honor weighed in on her ASMR experience so far. “This is going to be the most insane video in the world,” she said.

And when the video was almost done, Honor shared one last thought. “Don’t watch this video while you are eating this,” she said, gesturing to the açaí bowl as Alba laughed.

In February, The Honest Company opened founder about motherhood and explained how it has helped her lead her successful brand. “I actually think that as a mom and trying to be the best mom, many of the same lessons I learned are what I try to apply while running my business,” she explained during the Create & Cultivate Los Angeles Conference on time. “It’s more about who you surround yourself with. The goal you eventually achieve is great, you just think about the next challenge you want to do and the next goal you want to achieve and what’s coming. It is difficult not to be totally and completely overwhelmed. ‘

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