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Jeff Bezos rocket will make its first manned flight in July: they will auction one of the tickets into space

Blue Origin is ready. They are finally going to make the first space flight with a crew, which they estimate will be in July this year. For such an occasion, Blue Origin auctions one of the seats on the run. If you have enough money (and luck), you can fly into space with Jeff Bezos’s rocket.

The maiden flight is expected to take place on July 20, if all goes according to plan. If everything goes as expected, it will be Blue Origin’s first manned mission to space. Previously, the New Shepard has completed a total of 15 consecutive missions to space and back past the boundary separating Earth from space.


A short journey to cross the Karamán Line

blue origin

The New Shepard will carry those on board above the Karamán Line (100 km altitude), which is considered the limit of the atmosphere and the beginning of space. The Kármán line is an attempt at a legal definition of what is space and what is not. However, the crew on board the New Shepard will experience a sense of weightlessness once they reach this limit.

As detailed by Blue Origin, the mission will take approximately 10 minutes. During the first two minutes, the rocket flies at Mach 3 to climb into the air. From the third minute, the feeling of weightlessness begins (the booster is also separated from the capsule with the crew) and at minute 4 the climax occurs when crossing the Karamán line. From there, the return to Earth begins with the capsule descending. The parachutes are opened around minute 9 and finally land in minute 10 of the mission.

It remains to be seen how much someone is willing to pay to experience one minute of weightlessness and make a round trip from space in ten minutes. Blue Origin has opened an auction that consists of three phases. In the three stages from today to June 12, a bid will be made and only the highest bids will continue until a final bid is reached, which is the bid to which the ticket for the space is awarded.

The winner will receive two days of training and preparation for the flight. Likewise, you must agree not to disclose any private information about Blue Origin after the flight. Of course you must also be of legal age. Blue Origin says it plans to donate the amount of the winning bid to Club for the Future, its own nonprofit.

Blue Origin is just the latest airline company planning tourist flights to space. SpaceX, for example, already has one underway to go to the moon, while Virgin Galactic is preparing flights similar to Blue Origin’s. Even the International Space Station can be a tourist destination.