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Jamie Carragher hits out at his former Liverpool team-mate Danny Murphy's in a spat over transfers

Jamie Carragher has hit back at former Liverpool team-mate Danny Murphy and insists he is not trying to make excuses for their disappointing start to the season.

The ex-central defender chided Jürgen Klopp’s men for playing ‘suicide football’ in their 4-1 defeat to Napoli in the Champions League.

The 44-year-old told CBS after the game that they had “hugely misunderstood the transfer ideas in the summer because this team is so far away and it has been running at full capacity for five or six years.”

Jamie Carragher hits out at his former Liverpool team mate Danny

But then talk to talkSPORT on Thursday morning, Murphy – who spent seven seasons with Carragher at Anfield – said of his former team-mate’s comments: “I think he is looking for apologies.

“He doesn’t look at the obvious which is a simple change of mindset and some players have become complacent. They think they’re a little bit better than they are and need to get back to basics.’

But that caused an enraged Carragher to hit back on Twitter, and Murphy said to “keep up with the clickbait.”

“Not once said that Liverpool were hugely wrong in the transfer market and that I am not wise in hindsight!” he tweeted.

“Everyone knew that LFC needed/wanted a midfielder, Klopp, club, fans. They tried for [Aurelien] Tchouameni & couldn’t come? [Jude] Bellingham now. Stay tuned for the click bait.’

Liverpool gave out to striker Darwin Nunez and also brought in attacker Fabio Carvalho in the summer.

But they waited until the end of the window to bring in midfielder Arthur Melo, who was hastily signed amid injuries to Jordan Henderson, Thiago Alcantara, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Naby Keita.

Klopp had previously said the club did not need a new midfielder, but admitted he was wrong at the end of August.

Nevertheless, Klopp’s midfield three of Fabinho, Harvey Elliot and the aging James Milner struggled in Naples, while Virgil Van Dijk and Joe Gomez also looked vulnerable.

But when asked if owners FSG abandoned them over the summer, Murphy said, “No. A few people have jumped on this about the transfer policy, but I don’t recall anyone writing any articles or talking on our show about what they’re missing in defense or midfield.

‘They brought in’ [Ibrahima] Konate for £50 million to help [Joel] Matip, Gomez and Virgil van Dijk. There are four.

“They’ve brought in full-backs to cover the two they’ve got, they’ve spent £85million on a striker to try and fill the void left by [Sadio] Mane’s goals and assists you’re going to miss.

‘Where did they not support him? [Klopp]? Ideally, you’re going to give him a ton of money to get another one, but that then stunts the growth of someone like a Harvey Elliott or Carvalho.

‘It’s finding a balance between giving those young people sometimes [the chance]… Harvey Elliott we wouldn’t have seen if they kept buying multiple £50m midfielders. Where do you stop with that?

‘Do you want Liverpool to become Man City? They can’t. They should try it another way. It’s all well and good to be wise after the event.

“I haven’t seen a lot of articles this summer where people said ‘if Liverpool don’t get a midfielder, they’re not going to compete for the title’.

“Everyone, including me, said, ‘It’s going to be Liverpool and City again,’ they almost won four times. Three months ago we were talking about Liverpool having one of the best seasons in history.”

Carragher, meanwhile, said in the wake of the Napoli defeat: “The problem tonight is not that game. Forget this game.

“For me, the big concern is that, ‘Is this almost something that goes on all season? Is this the end of a cycle?

“Is this a huge physical setback because of what’s happened in the last five or six years, the way they’ve played, how intense they’ve been? And can this team get it back?

“It’s humiliating. It really is,” added Carragher of Liverpool’s defence.

“I said before it’s kids’ stuff and this is the big problem with Liverpool now. They have based their success on intensity on the ball, which means that the opponent cannot raise their head to skip the ball.

“So your team is always close. Always very compact. Sometimes [there’s a] risk, but you get an energy on the ball, that energy isn’t there now, so those four have to adapt and it has to go back three or four meters.

“That’s all we’re talking about. But if they keep playing [like that] they’re going to have a big problem with the Premier League this season and qualifying for the next round of the Champions League, because that’s suicide football.”

Carragher also singled off right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold, who was skipped for Napoli’s third goal and moved out of position for the fourth.

“The thing with Trent is I’ve always said he’s not a conventional fullback. He’s not great defensively. He never will,’ said Carragher.

“But he has strengths and talents that we normally don’t see from a fullback. He’s Liverpool’s playmaker, but I’ve always said I thought [these defensive struggles] would come with another manager.

“When Liverpool were no longer one of the top teams in the Premier League or Europe. That means they will defend more, they will have more nights like this. And his defensive flaws will be more noticeable and we’ll see him less on the ball.

“That might be a time when he needs to move to midfield. When you’re on a Jürgen Klopp team, normally you dominate the ball, you dominate the game.

“But if you see him under real pressure, his defensive problems will be even more noticeable and that’s the big problem for him right now. I thought maybe that would come with the next manager, but the problem is it’s coming with Liverpool now.”

Liverpool will be home for their next two Champions League games, with Ajax and Rangers coming to Anfield.

The Reds are third in Group A after one match day, beating Rangers on goal difference.